Autumn is a perfect time to hike again

Hiking is one of the most popular activities for Slovenians to pursue in the natural environment, and for many it has been part of their lives since they were very young. You can join numerous hikers who set out in the largest numbers for the hills right at the end of summer and in autumn! Discover the beauty of the picturesque autumn settings and join other hikers at hiking events and festivals, of which there are plenty in Slovenia during the autumn.

Become part of the Slovenian hiking tradition

In green Slovenia the hiking tradition goes back a long way, and is firmly rooted in many people’s hearts. We are proudly celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Alpine Association of Slovenia, the largest voluntary organisation in Slovenia, with as many as 283 mountaineering societies that provide maintenance of mountain trails and hospitality in mountain huts.

We have more than 10,000 well maintained and specially marked hiking trails for all levels of hikers: from the low Pannonian Plains in the east, which merge to the south and west into wine-growing hills and then the picturesque mountain regions scattered with exquisite villages, forests and waters, rising up into the Alpine reaches even as high as the 2,000 metre mountains. One of the most popular destinations for hikers is Slovenia’s highest peak, Mt Triglav. Since the earliest times, ascending the peak has been a special ritual, and holds great symbolic significance for Slovenians.

Slovenia’s more than 200 mountain huts and hiking hotels offer you rest and recuperation with fresh local delicacies, along with a most welcome dose of pleasant homeliness. And don’t be surprised if along the way you are greeted by some unknown mountain hiker – in Slovenia it is the custom for all hikers to greet each other and chat about the beautiful natural surroundings.

Join the fun of autumn hiking festivals and events

Autumn is the nicest season for hiking. Colourful forests, yellow larch, blue skies and white rock faces are unforgettable images that hikers carry home with them.  Combine the active experiencing of autumnal nature with socialising over tasty cuisine. Take part in autumn hiking festivals and events!

Enjoy autumn in the mountains

A relaxed atmosphere rules the hills and mountains, and people leave their reservations in the valleys. New friendships are woven. At the Festival of Hiking in the Soča Valley you can discover the beauty of the natural environment and monuments to the past towering over the wonderful emerald river. On the other side of the mountains, towards the east, another piece of beauty in the heart of the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park awaits you – the idyllic valley of Bohinj, with Slovenia’s biggest lake. You can experience this at the Hiking Days

On the trails of history and wine

There are some attractive hiking and culinary experiences to be had in the Vipava Valley during the Hiking in the Footsteps of Matija Vertovec event, which takes place in November on the first weekend after Martinmas.

Stroll among the vineyards

In the far east of Slovenia, autumn is filled with the aroma of ripe grapes, and a stroll through the vineyards has a special charm in this season. At the autumn festival of hiking gastronomic experiences you can set out on vineyard and culinary hikes through the Posavje countryside and vineyards. As part of the Nordic walking VinoTOUR through the Svečina and Račane hills near Maribor in September you can experience the traditional Farm Festival in Svečina, and in October you can join the hike with a theme of sorcery. 

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