Take a piece of Slovenia with you

Smitten by Slovenia? Why not take a piece of this green land with you in the form of typical Slovenian products and souvenirs available at various locations: tourist information centres, museum shops and local marketplaces. Slovenian products might give you some ideas for gifts for your loved ones. It is certainly worthwhile shopping for Slovenian culinary delights, wine, wooden handicraft products and prominent local brands.

Buy from craftspeople

Slovenia maintains its many traditions. In numerous shops, fairs, craft festivals and most of all in master craftsmen workshops you will find unique handmade souvenirs inspired by tradition. Some of them carry the distinctive mark Art&Craft Slovenija. Have a look at the pottery and ceramic products, the charming and protected bobbin lace from Idrija, knitted and felted products, stone craft, forged ironwork and other products by Slovenian designers.  

Unique, traditional, Slovenian

Browse some of the Slovenian online stores, where you can find unique traditional and modern products made by Slovenian artisans. You might find just the right “piece” of Slovenia to brighten your home or delight your friends and family.

Take home something made of wood

Slovenia is one of the most densely-wooded countries in Europe, and wood is its natural treasure. In addition to traditional woodenware featured among traditional souvenirs (such as painted beehive panels, Ribnica woodenware) check out the more contemporary and original wooden items: cutting boards, wooden toys and various accessories (wooden phone cases, wooden glasses, ties and bows, jewellery and similar).

Masterful interlacing of threads

Bobbin lace can also be a nice gift or souvenir, particularly for women. Although bobbin lace can be found in various parts of Slovenia, the cradle of this tradition is Idrija. Idrija lace is one of the most recognisable Slovenian products. Idrija is also home to a lace-making school which was founded 150 years ago. Bobbin lace masterpieces are displayed at the Idrija Lace Festival which takes place in June each year. Only a few kilometres away from Idrija, the towns of Žiri and Železniki also boast a rich lace-making tradition. The former has been home to a lace-making school for more than a century and the latter hosts the event called Lacemaking Days every July. You can even taste a sweet variety of bobbin lace!

Enjoy yourself Slovenian-style – also once you’re back home

Once you’ve tried Slovenian food you will want to come back for more. If you’re not travelling by plane and if cross-border regulations allow, stock up on delicacies with protected designation of origin, protected geographical indication and the indication of traditional specialty guaranteed.

To complete the experience wash all that delectable food down with the typical native wines and exquisite spirits such as the Dolenjska fruit brandy, Gorenjska pear brandy, Brkini plum brandy, Karst gin and Kostel brandy. 

A perfect gift for lovers

Perhaps you can be won over by products telling the stories of love. You can show affection for your loved one with a gingerbread heart or Škofja Loka or Dražgoše small gingerbread, artistically decorated heart-shaped honey cakes. When you visit Velika Planina, where the Alpine dairy farming and cheese-making tradition is still alive in its authentic form, don’t forget about trnič. It is also called the “cheese of love” since shepherds traditionally gave it as a token of love and affection to their sweethearts.

Chocolate with a taste of Slovenia

There are many boutique chocolatiers offering an extensive range of chocolate flavours. Occasionally you may find some very unusual flavours. Many chocolatiers combine their product with authentic local flavours. Although you might think such combinations to be unlikely, try them and see for yourself how tasty they are. Chocolate can also be purchased at dedicated festivals.


Slovenian creativity in fashion

Slovenian fashion designers conquered the world and major fashion labels years ago. Those who are still active in Slovenia showcase their audacity and their own label collections at Ljubljana Fashion Week. Find clothes, leather products and fashion accessories in boutiques with items made by Slovenian designers.

Acclaimed brands from Slovenia

Quite a few notable brands come from Slovenia.Elan skiboards and skis, regulars on the winners’ podium, and Alpina sports footwear both create their innovations in the region of Alpine Slovenia. Their best products can be found in sports departments of all major stores in Slovenia, but you are welcome to visit their discount stores as well. Slovenia also boasts fine glassware.


Exquisite crystalware can be bought at the shop of the Steklarna Rogaška glassworks and many other specialised stores. Innovative glassware comes out of Steklarna Hrastnik as well. You’re not likely to by a motorhome, airplane or home appliance when you come here on holiday, but in case you’re tempted: don’t forget that Slovenia is home to Adria-Mobil, Pipistrel, Gorenje and other acclaimed brands.

Stories from Slovenia

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