Are you one of those people who would like to have a daring adventure, but still prefer to stay at a safe distance? In Slovenia, you can also choose to have experiences that you can enjoy without major risk, but which will still send a shiver down your spine. 


Enjoy some water adventures on rivers, lakes, or in the sea, meet the king of the Kočevje forests – the bear, or conquer Slovenia’s highest peaks. Climb a rock face like real climbers on secured climbing trails or via ferrata trails. So, are you ready for some action?

Feel the rush of water energy

Slovenian rivers and lakes offer an abundance of options for water activities. Ride the whitewaters of Slovenian rivers on kayaks and rafts. In addition to the River Soča, which requires somewhat more courage, such more or less adrenaline-filled experiences can also be enjoyed on other Slovenian rivers. Go down the Rivers Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka in the vicinity of Lake Bled or Radovljica. You can end your adrenaline-filled day with a picnic or with additional adrenaline-fuelled adventures, such as paintball or zipline. Another fun, yet easy experience is rafting on the River Sava near Medvode, just a stone's throw from the Slovenian capital, where you can also enjoy kayaking. A medium difficulty adventure also awaits you in the upper current of the River Kolpa. If the water level is suitable, you can also go rafting on the Rivers Mura and Drava.


Climb a rock face safely like a true climber

Are you tempted to climb a rock face and safely enjoy magnificent views? Then, secured climbing trails, known as via ferrata, are just the thing for you. You can find them in different places in Slovenia. All you need is basic climbing equipment (helmet, harness, self-locking devices), which you can also rent. The first modern via ferrata trail in Slovenia was installed on Mt Gonžarjeva Peč in Vinska Gora near Velenje. The view of the idyllic mountain villages of Mojstrana and Dovje will take your breath away as you climb the Mojstrana Via Ferrata Trail on the rock face of Mt Grančišče; after you finish climbing, you can also visit the Slovenian Alpine Museum. Admire the nature in the vicinity of the Jezersko Valley on the Češka Koča Via Ferrata Trail, and near Tržič, in the direct vicinity of the Zelenica mountain cabin, you can try climbing on the Spodnji Plot Via Ferrata Trail. In the Posavje region, you can climb up to Mt Lisca on a via ferrata trail that is divided into five pitches and is approximately 130 metres long. To see a wonderful view of Vipava, climb on the secured Furlan Trail.


Explore other moderate adrenaline-filled water adventures too

In the vicinity of Slovenia’s second largest city, Maribor, in the green environment of the Drava Landscape Park, you can test your balance on water at the Dooplek Wakepark, which is the first water skiing and wakeboarding park in Slovenia. Lovers of surfing can have some fun in the picturesque coastal town of Izola. You can rent a surfboard in various locations, and there is also a surfing school in the neighbouring town of Koper. Lake Bohinj is another popular surfing location. When you visit Bela Krajina, get into a canoe and row on the calm waters of the River Kolpa.

Enter the kingdom of the brown bear

You can experience a primal brush with nature on the Kočevski Rog plateau in south-eastern Slovenia, where you can go on a three-day survival adventure in the wilderness. Find inner peace, feel the pulse of the wilderness, and learn about basic survival skills. Go on a photo safari and learn about life in this mysterious forest in Slovenia, which is home to numerous animals, including protected beasts, such as bears, wolves, and bobcats. Bears can also be observed in their natural environment from the safety of hunting shelters as you are accompanied by a hunter.

Find the best views on Slovenia's highest peaks

There is a saying in Slovenia that every true Slovenian climbs Mt Triglav at least once in their life Trails with various levels of difficulty lead to the top of Slovenia’s highest mountain. The trails on the Triglav North Face are more demanding, they are more appealing to mountaineers, and the ascent begins in the Krma Valley. If your starting points are Rudno Polje on the Pokljuka plateau or the mountain pastures of Bohinj, the trails are somewhat less difficult, but you should still proceed with caution. You can also head to Mt Triglav from the Trenta Valley.

If you love running, you know that running through unspoilt nature is the most beautiful. Running on the ridge of Mt Košuta, which is more than 10 km long, is an unforgettable experience. For the most part, the ridge is at elevations exceeding 2000 metres and it winds among white peaks and green meadows. The majority of the trail is properly secured, and the most dangerous sections are suitable only for experienced mountain runners.


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