When your heart flutters 

Do you ever feel like experiencing the freshness of wild white waters of clear rivers, sharing the sky with birds, biking on forest trails, or overcoming a massive rock face on your way to the most beautiful view? 


If you are even a little bit of an adrenaline junkie, then a visit to Slovenia is a must. Dare to experience something that will get your pulse going and fill your stomach with butterflies. There is something for everyone. 

Wild water adventures

Feel the rush of freshness and adrenaline by enjoying adrenaline-filled adventures in water. Rafting, canyoning, hydrospeed, kayak, canoe – what would you choose? The wildest adventures await you in the Soča Valley. Lovers of canyoning can also enjoy the hidden canyons of Bohinj. If you’re not the daring type, you can enjoy a slightly less adrenaline-filled adventure by rowing on the rivers Sava, Drava, Kolpa, Krka, and Mura.


Courage and team spirit tested

Would you like to participate in an adrenaline-filled family adventure, test your courage or strengthen your team spirit? Visit one of the many adrenaline and adventure parks in Slovenia. Giant swings, tightrope walking between tree tops, slides down zip-lines, etc. Take on the challenge and have fun as you test your balance, strength, and head for heights.


A zip-lining adrenaline-filled adventure

Slide down some of the most daring zip-lines in Slovenia! Fly between wild canyons, among mighty Alpine peaks, above a river and between tree tops, and experience what it feels like to be in the shoes of brave ski jumpers. In addition to a good dose of adrenaline, you’ll also be rewarded with stunning views of the landscape below you.


Which climbing route would you choose?

Did you know that Slovenia has 113 natural climbing sites? You can find them in the mountainous areas of Alpine Slovenia, in the immediate vicinity of the capital, and even right by the coast. You can choose from among various levels of difficulty – there is something for beginners as well as for those who wish to experience a more advanced climbing challenge. If you're looking for wonderful views, you can climb up the increasingly popular via ferratas – secured climbing routes. Regardless of the weather, you can learn more about climbing or test your climbing skills on the artificial walls at climbing centres all around Slovenia.


Adrenaline-filled family fun

Add fun adventures to your family holiday. Once such adventure awaits you at Slovenia’s largest trampoline park in Ljubljana. In addition to visiting one of the adrenaline parks, explore towns, cities, and nature from a water perspective by going stand-up paddling or rafting. You’ll experience a rush of adrenaline if you slide down the steep slopes of Slovenia's skiing hills on summer toboggans.


Meet you at a bike park

Do you love wild descents on mountain bikes? In Slovenia, you will encounter many excellent bike parks, where you can satisfy your adrenaline cravings. Daring jumps, wooden bridges, and other structures, dynamic trails among trees, and other challenges that await you at these parks will really get your pulse going. And don't worry, even if you haven't brought your mountain bike and protective gear along with you, you can always hire them at these parks.


Adrenaline in the air

Feel as free as a bird and conquer the blue sky in a paraglider, a hang-glider, or by going sky diving in tandem. If you feel better closer to the ground, but would still like to feel like you're flying, make sure to visit the wind tunnels in Logatec and Planica.


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