Feel the power of the stories and traditions from Goriška Brda

Experience Goriška Brda through guided mindfulness and discover the entire annual cycle of the grapevine and the Motnik wine. Welcome aboard this inspiring experience through which you will discover the story of Goriška Brda with all of your senses and embark on a journey of self-reflection.

Awaken your senses through the wisdom of the Staroverci

Embark on an intimate journey of self-reflection. Follow the guidance of a mindfulness and psychotherapy science expert to sense the ancient roots that stretch all the way to Goriška Brda. Let the flavour of the home to the northernmost olive groves flow through you. Unwind on a terrace under grapevine trellises and discover the incredible riches of indigenous wine varieties that are typical only of this micro area. Through tasting Motnik, the nearly forgotten wine of the Staroverci—the Old Believers, you will discover one of the most safeguarded secrets of the wider area along the Soča River. This experience will enable you to achieve a better connection with yourself, others and your surroundings and learn why it is so important to be fully present here and now.

Did you know?

Goriška Brda is renowned for its exquisite wines. The region is home to some of the top 100 winemakers in the world.

The Motnik ritual wine of the Staroverci is produced from the most mature grapes. The Staroverci kept it in barrels made of cherry wood that was smoked with special herbs beforehand.

The Motnik wine was brought back to life by the ethnologist Pavel Medvešček, who kept one of the most astonishing secrets of this area for more than 40 years.

During the renovation of the Dobrovo Castle, the Spanish Count Silverio De Baguer discovered 1,000 hidden bottles of Picolit wine which impressed even the discerning aristocratic society in Rome.

The itinerary of the experience:

First part

  • Reception and welcome at the De Baguer Wine Cellar.
  • Presentation of the former life of farmers in Goriška Brda and learning the basics of mindfulness in the castle courtyard. Connecting with the past by touching a basket of local products.
  • Per old tradition from Goriška Brda, participants carry baskets of local products to the vineyard below the Dobrovo Castle. 


Second part

  • Discovering grapevines, olive trees and soil through guided mindfulness. Achieving conscious presence here and now through all five senses. Guided orientation towards becoming aware of your own roots while discovering the annual cycle of the grapevine. Mindfulness as a guided connection with yourself is constantly intertwined with local stories. Participants learn about the importance of olive trees and grapevines while discovering the plantation terraces.
  • Mindful tasting of a typical local dish, products from local producers and seasonal fruit while enjoying old games and music.


Third part

  • Mindful transition to the Goriška Brda Wine Cellar.
  • Video presentation of smoking the barrels with herbs following the tradition of the Staroverci and mindful tasting of the Motnik ritual wine accompanied by music and reading of Pavel Medvešček's literature on the Motnik wine.
  • Closing celebration and dancing.

Opening hours: Wednesdays 15:15–18:15 and Saturdays 9:30–12:30, other days by prior arrangement

Starting point: Dobrovo Castle

Price: EUR 195 per person (groups of 2–3 people); EUR 149 per person (groups of 4–6 people); EUR 109 per person (groups of 7–10 people)

The price includes:

  • expert guidance of the experience and mindfulness practice,
  • sampling of a local dish from Goriška Brda in a vineyard,
  • local products, seasonal fruit and fresh drinking water,
  • mindful Motnik wine tasting,
  • souvenirs and surprises from local providers.


Find out more about the experience

Discover mindfulness and Goriška Brda within you

Absorb the tradition of Goriška Brda and the love locals have for their land. Treat your senses to a journey into the depths of self-reflection where the power of nature, art and science intertwine.






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