Escape into mountain peace

Allow yourself to unwind from everyday worries and find shelter in nature's embrace. Experience the cuisine of the Soča Valley and discover the hidden spots of one of the main watersheds in Slovenia.

Back to nature

Find shelter in the middle of the Julian Alps and experience an authentic feel of nature. Discover the crystal-clear waters that can be mostly found in the Triglav National Park and find out what they taste like. Admire one of the most majestic waterfalls in Europe and be amazed by Loška Koritnica, the valley of a hundred waterfalls. Drink from a spring next to a small gothic church, the construction of which remains a mystery to this day. Photographers will especially enjoy the Virje Waterfall, embellished with a charming green lagoon underneath. Enjoy in the beauty of authentic nature while rafting on the clear rapids of the Soča River.

Feel nature's power in the local food and its ingredients. Dine on the terrace of a boutique hotel under the starry sky, listen to the chirping of crickets, and enjoy in the food prepared by a renowned chef from a Michelin-star restaurant. Bake excellent sourdough bread, witness the milking of cows and taste the exquisite cheeses from the mountains of Posočje.

Did you know?

In 2016, the Slovenian Constitution was amended to include the right to drinking water, which attests to the immense importance of water for the local people.

During your stay you will roam inside the Triglav National Park, Slovenia's sole national park and one of the oldest ones in Europe.

While adventuring, also taste the Bovec cheese, marked with a protected designation of origin, mostly made from the milk of the indigenous Bovec sheep.

Along the way, you may come across a world-class celebrity, the Soča trout, endemic to the Adriatic basin and living only in rivers of the region stretching from Italy to Albania. It is most commonly found in the Soča River and its tributaries.

The itinerary of the experience

Day 1

  • Transportation from a nearby airport, accommodation in the centre of Bovec in the best-rated boutique hotel in Slovenia, set up in the place of an old Bovec telephone exchange;
  • tasting of select wines from all three Slovenian wine-growing regions in the hotel wine cellar;
  • romantic candlelight dinner prepared by a chef from a Michelin-star restaurant with a view of the surrounding mountains;
  • overnight stay in a room with particularly refined interior design.


Day 2

  • Breakfast made from locally grown organic food;
  • exploring the "Five Waters" (the river of Koritnica, the waterfall of Virje, the spring by the church of St. Leonard, the river of Soča, the waterfall of Boka) with a local guide, tasting the water from the five sources and taking a sample bottle (200ml of each);
  • culinary workshop at the hotel and making bread from sourdough, flour, salt, water from the five sources and herbs picked along the way;
  • gourmet food on the terrace lit with candles and torches, sleeping on silk bedding.


Day 3

  • Breakfast made from select local ingredients together with the bread baked during the workshop the day before;
  • adventure rafting and exploration of the most beautiful parts of the Soča River;
  • rests at lesser-known spots visited by fewer tourists;
  • lunch followed by a trip to the mountain of Božca known for its cheese-making route;
  • learning about the thousand-year-old tradition of cheesemaking that keeps the mountain alive, and tasting of authentic cow cheese made in a cheese dairy in a cauldron over an open fire;
  • visit to a cheese-brining cellar;
  • option to try your hand at making cheese, curd and whey;
  • in the evening, it is possible to view milking by hand in a herder's hut and taste the warm milk from a freshly milked cow;
  • tasting of cheese made in a mountain cheese dairy;
  • return to the hotel, dinner on the terrace and overnight stay.


*The trip to the mountains of Posočje is possible from May to the end of November. During this time, there is an organised visit to the local cheesemaker from Bovec.


Day 4

  • Breakfast;
  • surprise for guests;
  • optional transportation to a nearby airport or sightseeing of other local tourist attractions.

When: From April to November

How long: 4 days/3 nights

Where from: Hotel Dobra vila Bovec

How much: €1,450 for two persons

The package includes:

  • 3x bed & breakfast,
  • 3x romantic dinner,
  • on-site transportation,
  • 1x wine tasting in our wine cellar,
  • a day-long guided tour of the "Five Waters" with packed snacks,
  • lunch,
  • baking bread from sourdough and water from the "Five Waters",
  • rafting on the Soča River,
  • visit to see cow milking, workshop on cheesemaking and tasting.


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Feel, taste, experience the Soča Valley

Visit five hidden sources of crystal-clear water in one of the oldest national parks in Europe. See how milk becomes cheese in a mountain cheese dairy. Stay at a boutique hotel boasting refined architecture and haute cuisine, where you will learn a traditional recipe of bread baking.

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