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With an offer geared toward providing healthy activities, winter in Slovenia is perfect for people with a penchant for snow-related outdoor activities; its snow-covered slopes giving ample opportunity for winter sports. Fans of winter activities will be delighted with the variety of ski trails of different difficulty levels, lengths and altitudes. Some ski areas provide skiing well into spring time as the low temperatures and abundance of natural snow keep the slopes ski ready even when valleys are already green. There simply is no better feeling than skiing or snowboarding over a fresh dusting of snow down a well-kept trail while savouring the unspoilt view.

Kanin – transcending national borders

With an elevation of 2,292 metres, the Kanin ski area counts as the highest in the country. It offers a breathtaking view of the beautiful Soča Valley; in fine weather, you can let your gaze wander from Mt. Triglav, which is Slovenia's highest summit, to the Adriatic Sea. The ride from Bovec to the ski area with the renovated cable car is a memorable experience in and of itself. Get ready for remarkable skiing on natural snow until May at 2,000 m. Kanin caters to families and people with a more adventurous streak. The Kanin ski area is connected with the adjacent Sella Nevea ski area in Italy. Together they provide for more than 30 km of well-groomed ski runs that skiers can make use of with a single ski pass, making the border just a line on the map. Together, the ski areas provide for a diversity of terrains and snow conditions, with the Slovenian side getting more sun and the Italian side getting less.

Winter Fun in the Summits of the Julian Alps

Not only skiing and snowboarding, the ski area also has you covered in the gastronomy department. Located at the upper station of the cable car, Kanin boasts the highest altitude restaurant in the country. The finest dine and wine offer coupled with one of the most impressive vistas of the summits in the immediate vicinity and beyond – you can even catch a glimpse of the Adriatic Sea in the right conditions – is to be enjoyed up here year round. If you are not really a fan of skiing, you can take the sledge down the well-groomed slope. And if that's not your cup of tea, you can go cross-country skiing. Are you an adrenalin junkie? Then you have come to the right place. Cross-country skiing and freestyle from the highest points might just be what you are after. No matter your winter activity of choice, make sure to take a couple of minutes for yourself to bask in the sun on the scenic deck of the highest-altitude bar in Slovenia.

Ski Areas with a View

Soak up the magnificent vistas of Kanin and other high-altitude ski areas in Slovenia, and combine them with your favourite snow activity. From the ski resort Vogel (located over Bohinj) you can fully take in the beauteous Triglav Mountains and the mysterious Bohinj Lake. Located within driving distance from Ljubljana and the international airport, Krvavec, one of the most popular ski resorts in the country, astonishes with views spanning the Gorenjska region and the capital Ljubljana. The resort's highest point delights with a glimpse over to Austria.

Take Your Family Skiing

No matter what ski area you decide to visit, all of them will provide fun for the whole family. A diverse array of activities, ski schools with beginner or refresher courses, a range of food options and winter frolicking guarantee that no family member will feel left out.

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