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Sevnica is a town in the heart of Slovenia, where Melania Trump, the First Lady of the United States, spent her childhood and youth. Here your eyes can rest on the vast green landscape variegated by the longest Slovenian river, the Sava. Sevnica Castle proudly dominates the centre and offers the most beautiful vistas over the town and the surrounding forest-covered area. The rounded hills are adorned by small white churches and shrines. If you have an adventurous spirit, you can’t miss the Ajdovski gradec archaeological park, where the story of the first settlers in this part of Slovenia is told. The town’s combination of rich history, picturesque nature and modern feel will satisfy any taste.  

Cultural and social heart of Sevnica

It is difficult to overlook, since Sevnica Castle is situated above the town like a guard, standing proud in all its glory. Learn about its past and fully indulge in its present. Experience an unforgettable wedding in the romantic environment of the castle. Taste the velvety flavour of the castle wine, Grajska kri, in the castle’s wine cellar and become a godparent to the vines of Blaufränkisch, cultivated on the southern slope of the castle hill. Enjoy the exceptional acoustics of the Lutheran Cellar and admire its frescoes. A castle feast is also a special experience, which will take you back to a time before cutlery was used at the table. Take a stroll in the castle park and restore your energy from the energy points found by magnificent trees.

Enjoy a glass of excellent local wine

Due to its good climatic conditions and soil composition, Sevnica and its surrounding area is one of the best wine-producing regions. The Bizeljsko–Sremič and Upper Dolenjska Wine Roads are found in the Municipality of Sevnica, where you can encounter wines typical of this part of Slovenia – Bizeljčan, Sremičan and the unique Dolenjska Cviček. Among the top-quality wines, don’t overlook the rising wine star of Sevnica – Blaufränkisch. This wine variety has its own celebratory event – the Blaufränkisch Festival, which you can visit at Sevnica Castle in the summer.

Select your active experience by the Sava

The beautiful green landscape with picturesque hills surrounding Sevnica provides an array of activities for those seeking an active break. Enjoy an exciting experience of nature and cultural and historic heritage on a bike! Set out on a hike along the Sevnica hiking trail, enjoy the exceptional views and indulge in local food at inns and welcoming homesteads along the trail. Climb on Lisca Hill, one of the highest peaks in the Posavje Hills, where your heart will sing at the beauty of the surrounding greenery overlooking the Sava Valley. For those who enjoy horseback riding through diverse nature, horseback riding trails have been arranged along the Posavje hills and valleys. The rivers Sava and Mirna are a true haven for fishing enthusiasts.

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