A ski jumping holiday under the Ponce mountains

Planica is the traditional venue for the finals of the Ski Jumping World Cup visited by over ten thousand people every year. From 19 to 22 March 2020, this picturesque valley in the immediate vicinity of the border with Italy and Austria will once again host the largest sporting and entertainment spectacle in Slovenia. Since the new and modern Nordic Centre opened, Planica has been providing amazing experiences for athletes and visitors on other days of the year, too.

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Cross-country skiing while enjoying nature

The Planica Nordic Centre is an ideal place for sports preparations, regenerating, and enjoying other activities in nature, for professional and amateur athletes alike. In addition to seven new jumping hills and the king of them all – the flying hill, there are eight kilometres of cross-country skiing trails that can be enjoyed in the winter by lovers of cross-country skiing. Take in the beauty as you head from the Nordic Centre to the Tamar Valley. There are two other trails on which you can enjoy the unforgettable winter fairyland on your cross-country skis. The first one takes you through Rateče to neighbouring Italy, and you can take the second all the way down to Kranjska Gora. You can enjoy snow not only in the winter, but also when there is none. Just visit the special indoor cross-country skiing course at the Centre.


Feel the adrenaline of winners

Are you an adrenaline junkie always looking for new challenges? Then, adventures at the Planica ski flying hill are just the thing for you. Dare to experience the incredible sensations felt by the Slovenian ski jumpers known as the Slovenian eagles as well as by the ski jumping elite, as you take a ride down the steepest zip-line in the world.  If the ascent excites you more than the descent, take the challenge of joining numerous runners who charge at the steep ski flying hill every September and attempt to conquer the most difficult 400 metres in the world! Would you like to test your aerodynamic abilities? Treat yourself to an adventure in a wind tunnel, where you will experience wind speeds of 250 km/h!


From Planica to a wonderful mountain world

Planica is an excellent starting point for a hike to one of the surrounding hills, from which you can enjoy a lovely view. The sun-kissed Ponce mountain group are particularly inviting. Head towards Mt. Ciprnik and Mt. Vitranc and enjoy the incredible vistas of the surrounding valleys and peaks. Walk to the amazing Tamar Valley, where you can enjoy a hearty meal at a mountain hut. Not far from there, you can admire the first source of the longest river in Slovenia, the River Sava (Dolinka). On your way to Kranjska Gora, don’t miss the Zelenci Nature Reserve. There, you can marvel at an emerald lake where the River Sava Dolinka once again resurfaces. 

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Bike to Planica

Take your bike to Planica. The biking trail taking you from nearby Rateče, past Kranjska Gora and Gozd Martuljek to Mojstrana is one of the most beautiful trails in Slovenia. It has no severe ascents, there are beautifully arranged rest areas and snack bars along the trail, so it is suitable for everyone, even children.

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