Learn about the River Kolpa, the important waterway of the Bela krajina region

The River Kolpa is a beauty of southern Slovenia, and it is surrounded by the Kolpa Landscape Park. As you go down the clear, warm, and biologically rich River Kolpa, you will notice that it changes its character many times – it starts as a mountain torrent at its source and ends as a slow river flowing through plains further downstream. For this very reason, this is an excellent destination for spending your holiday actively with your entire family. You can stay in one of the many camp sites or glamping sites, and you can spend your day along the river or on it, or you can simply explore the surroundings by bicycle.

Feel the River Kolpa on your skin

The River Kolpa is considered to be the warmest river in Slovenia, so jumping in it on summer days is truly a pleasant and refreshing experience for everyone. The river also offers many opportunities for spending your holiday actively. It is difficult to imagine the almost iconic image of the River Kolpa without canoes, which can be hired at nearly every step along the river banks. If you are tempted to slide down the dams, the so-called “Adventures” are more suitable. These are canoe-like boats which provide greater resistance and are thus more suitable for an adrenaline-filled rowing experience. Although many might doubt that rafting is possible when they see the slow river in its lower reaches, the River Kolpa provides a fantastic adventure when its water level is higher. Are you tempted to have a real adventure in nature? Then don’t miss the multiple-day Robinson Crusoe-style boating. A tent, a sleeping bag, some food, and perhaps a fishing pole is all that you will need for this adventurous challenge. The River Kolpa is also a popular place for fishermen. 39 species of fish have been recorded in this river, and you won’t be able to find some of them in any other Slovenian river. Of course, you can’t visit the River Kolpa without trying out the popular stand-up paddle-boarding (SUP). Boards can be hired at numerous camp sites.

Also explore the world along the River Kolpa

In addition to incredible nature along the Kolpa, you can also enjoy the rich cultural heritage, interesting history and, most of all, the local people, who are famous for their friendliness and hospitality. The typical landscape of the Bela Krajina region includes white birches, ferns, mown grasslands, and gentle hills, many of them covered in vineyards. The picturesque features of Bela Krajina are also reflected in its cuisine and tradition, with its most famous dishes including pisanice (Easter eggs) and the belokranjska pogača (the Bela Krajina flat bread), and you can make a toast with the Metliška Črnina wine. Experience this wonderful landscape on numerous cycling and hiking trails. Your whole family can have fun and you can feel your adrenaline pumping at the Kolpa Podzemelj Park, where you can, among other things, ride BMX bikes or go ziplining or experience the Bela Krajina story somewhat differently, for example by swinging on a Bela Krajina Easter egg. Paintball is also an interesting adrenaline adventure; it’s a dynamic game for strengthening team spirit.

Spend your holiday in the land of white birches

Along the River Kolpa, you can find numerous options for organised camping and authentically experiencing nature. Wake up to the pleasant burble of water and the singing of birds, and enjoy the authentic contact with nature in every moment of the day. The modern and environmentally friendly camp sites with rich additional offerings allow you to have an active getaway and to explore hidden corners. In the vicinity of Vinica, you can find the Camp Kolpa, and near Metlika you can enjoy yourself at the Camp Podzemelj. Not only can you stay in tents, caravans, campers, and mobile homes, but you can also stay in Celtic cottages. The more sophisticated guests who seek pampering in glamping accommodation will also be able to find something for themselves in the land along the River Kolpa. Your breath will be taken by the modern cottages in harmony with nature at Glamping Malerič. The estate of the former Krasinec Manor is now home to the Kolpa Glamping Resort, where you can stay in glamorous tents and wooden cottages made in the traditional Bela Krajina style. You can also spend a lavish holiday in nature in Big Berry houses.

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