Animals are fun!

What would you like to do today? Why not visit some animals? Animals are sure to entertain your little ones. Visit one of the adorable mini zoos around Slovenia, countryside estates, farms, and ranches, where you can be acquainted with domestic, wild, and more exotic animals.

Small zoos are amazing!

In addition to Slovenia’s central zoo, the Ljubljana Zoo, you can also learn about animals in adorable mini zoos. If you’re visiting Slovenske Konjice, stop at the Mini Zoo Land zoo and theme park, where you can meet chatty parrots, bouncy kangaroos, crocodiles, and various varieties of domestic animals from all over the world. In the spa town of Radenci, visit the Sikalu Zoo and be entertained by mischievous monkeys, learn about the two-humped (Bactrian) camel, the crested porcupine, coatis, numerous varieties of local and exotic birds, reptiles, and animals from farms from all over the world. Not far from the capital city of Ljubljana, in Horjul, you can visit animals that found their shelter at the Rožman Zoo Park.

Interesting animals in farms and on ranches

In addition to domestic animals, some Slovenian farms can also introduce you to other exciting and interesting animals. When you visit Dolenjska, don’t forget to make a stop in Mirna at the Aladdin Ranch, which has more than 60 animals, from camels to kangaroos. You can see various domestic animals and even some animals from faraway lands at the Na Jasi Farm in Dobova. If you’d like to have contact with roe deer, red deer, and big horn sheep, you don't necessarily have to go to the forest, as you can visit them at farms, such as the Jelenov Graben Farm in Olimje or the Lamperček Farm near Dobrna. You can also have a unique encounter with domestic animals at the Pleterje Outdoor Museum.

Hop on your sleek horse ...

A fun way of learning about your surrounding area is on horseback. Many farms and ranches offer horseback riding for adults and children, riding schools, or simply programmes for spending time and learning about horses. In addition to the unique tour viewing the elegant white Lipizzaner horses at the Lipica Stud Farm, we also have some tips for visiting smaller farms and estates with horses.


At Lake Bohinj, you can let your children ride Icelandic ponies at the Mrcina Ranch. Spend some time with horses and experience some romance and nostalgia at the Dravinja Ranch. A number of horse ranches and farms can be found in the vicinity of the capital city, such as the Okorn Ranch. Near Nazarje, on the brinks of the Dreta Valley, you can enjoy a break at the Burger Veniše Ranch while exploring the green surroundings on horseback. Just above Izola, horse lovers can make a stop at the Medljan Farm. If you’d like to explore the Bloke Plateau on horseback, head to the Bloke Ranch. A special experience, particularly in winter time, awaits you at the Rogla Ski Resort, where you can experience skijoring (pulled by horses while on skis), among other things.

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