Take a deep breath and accept the challenge

Giant swings, daring ziplines, finding balance, conquering heights ... you will find all of the above and more in adrenaline and adventure parks scattered all over Slovenia. Some of them offer scary challenges for the most daring, while others are adjusted for families. Regardless of which one you choose, you will have immense fun and feel a strong adrenaline rush.

Raise your heartbeat

Test your skills and build up your team spirit. Experience the unique mixture of an adrenaline and adventure park, via ferrata and zipline in the Upper Soča River Valley, where you can visit Srnica, a park of active adventures. At the Soča Fun Park in Solkan, you can begin your family adventure by crossing the river on a raft and finish it by sliding down a zipline from one side of the River Soča to the other. At the Celjska Koča Adventure Park, the Monkey Tree and other daring devices will get your pulse going. Near Otočec Castle, you can find adrenaline-filled experiences in the treetops at the Otočec Adventure Park, and near Osilnica on the River Kolpa, you can feel the power and courage of the folk hero Peter Klepec at the local adrenaline park.

Unforgettable adventures for all generations

Adrenaline-filled experiences can also be enjoyed by young children. Visit the GEOSS Adventure Park in the very centre of Slovenia. The whole family can have some fun at the Postojna Adventure Park, just a stone’s throw away from Postojna Cave. A special experience at the Lake Bukovnica Adventure Park is the Stork’s Flight, the longest climbing trail spanning 27 metres. Find the Betnava Adventure Park in the forests near the Pohorje Hills, and in the direct vicinity of the remains of Vurberk Castle between Maribor and Ptuj, visit the Vurberk Adventure Park. For those who are curious about how the Earth was formed and about geological processes, a visit to the Vulkania Adventure Park in the Goričko Hills or to the Geopark Karavanke, which also crosses the Slovenian-Austrian border, is just the right choice.

Fly like eagles

Experience plenty of adrenaline and incredible pleasure as you look at the beautiful nature from a bird’s perspective by daring to slide down the most breath-taking ziplines! Enjoy the zip-line ride over picturesque gorges, canyons and valleys, across clear rivers and between the tree tops or over big ski jumping hill. With this thrilling activity, adrenaline is assured!


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