Spend time with fairy-tale heroes

Slightly whimsical, mischievous, but also enjoyable – such are the children's festivals that bring joy to the young and the old. At festivals, you can spend time with fairy-tale characters, let your imagination run free at creative workshops, enjoy various performances, and satisfy your sweet tooth with various specialities. Such festivals are great fun for children and an excellent excuse for adults to awaken the child within, even just for a little while.

Playful like Pippi Longstocking

Who doesn’t know the friendly and mischievous red-haired girl and her friends! Pippi Longstocking made her way into the hearts of almost every young reader in Slovenia, too. In Velenje, you can even meet her. Every year in September, she visits the Pika Festival, where, together with visitors of all generations, she enjoys various performances, at which you can also encounter other literary heroes, concerts, and creative workshops.

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Foto: Miha Fras

Mini Summer in Ljubljana

If you and your little ones happen to visit the Slovenian capital city of Ljubljana in the summer, make sure to visit events within the Mini Summer international festival. The sparks in the eyes of children will be lit by international puppet and music performances at Ljubljana Castle, and after the shows, everyone can have a go at being creative, too.

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Summer Puppet Pier in Maribor

If you like puppets, then a visit to an international summer festival in Maribor is a must. In the heat of August, you’ll be pleasantly refreshed by excellent Slovenian and foreign puppet shows for children, workshops, exhibitions, installations, and other accompanying events, even for ‘big’ children.

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Bo Fejst festivals in all seasons

The Bohinj children's festival, B.O. Fejst, brings joy to children and adults alike, regardless of whether it is snowing outside, the sun is shining, everything is becoming green and in bloom, or nature has put on its warm autumn shades. You will be taken through playful workshops, performances, and a varied programme, which depends on the season, by the friendly Fejstka Cow. Will you join her?

King Matjaž’s Castles

One of the most well-known Slovenian legends has it that King Matjaž and his army sleep under Mt Peca. If he were to awaken, perhaps for his dwelling he would choose a castle similar to those made from snow and ice in Črna na Koroškem every January. In addition to awe-inspiring snow art, the three-day winter fairy tale also offers an abundance of fun and ‘wow’ moments for all generations.

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