This is a story about Slovenia, the only country with LOVE in its name. Love is a powerful feeling that connects all shades of Slovenian green beauties. With more than half of the country covered with forests, parks and natural reserves, Slovenia charms you with green magic. Every Slovenian, either living in the city or in the suburbs, has his favourite hill only few steps away. Slovenia is green, active and healthy.

Feel the land between the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea and the Pannonian plain. According to an old legend, the pure feeling of love connects the sea with the mountains, forests with waters, fields with vineyards and the secrets of the underworld with the light of the sky.

Every Slovenian is proud of his land and his green heart beats to the rhythm of nature. It is not a coincidence that the name of the Slovenian capital city Ljubljana sounds like »the beloved one« in Slovenian. Ljubljana – the European Green Capital 2016 – is so adorable and green that makes you fall in love instantly.

Green forests in Slovenia softly embrace people and places. Welcome to one of the most forested country in Europe.

In Slovenia, the most important way to someone’s heart is through the stomach. Savour the abundant flavours of 24 gastronomic regions. Slovenian chefs are inspired by love for the local environment.

This is a story about passion for work and people with passion. People who love what they do and are proud of all Slovenian beauties and achievements.

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