To Whom It Is Intended?

Accessible tourism includes tourism for locomotor and sensory impaired persons, persons with intellectual and mental impairments, those who travel with children in baby carriages, elderly persons and others who find tourism less accessible due to other health reasons (diabetes, allergies, etc.).

What Can You Expect?

All public buildings and tourist facilities, which are still without an arranged access for disabled persons, generally have at least a few reserved parking spaces for disabled persons at the entrances. In these buildings, it is usually also well provided for the toilet facilities of disabled persons. Pavements, which are friendlier to the disabled persons, have been built in many Slovenian cities. There are also an increasing number of ATMs positioned at a lower height levels and those equipped with Braille for the blind and partially sighted. The disabled persons receive discounts for many tourist tours and visits, while some are even free.

Accessible Tourist Locations

Among those Slovenian cities and towns, which have initiated plans to increase accessibility for disabled persons, it is necessary to mention Ljubljana, Maribor and Ajdovščina as well as numerous tourist destinations.


The main railway station in the Slovenian capital is friendly to the disabled persons. There is already a very high share of city buses with low steps and audio announcements of the next station. One of the most visited Slovenian tourist sights – Ljubljana Castle – is accessible by a funicular, which is friendly to the disabled persons. The disabled persons are well taken care of when visiting the Ljubljana Zoo, and can easily access the main city post office. Certain city museums and galleries are also friendly to the disabled persons.

Postojna Cave

At the most visited Slovenian tourist sight Postojna Cave, it is well taken care of the people in wheelchairs. The staff assists people to enter and exit the tourist train, and there are no difficulties for the disabled persons in other parts of the cave.

Lake Bled and Lake Zbilje

Around Bled, there is an arranged walking footpath that can also be used by the disabled persons in wheelchairs. It is similar at Lake Zbilje, an artificial lake on the Sava River near Ljubljana.

Health Resorts

Slovenian natural health resorts are very considerate of the disabled persons. The health resorts of Thermana in Laško and Terme Dobrna represent model facilities, while easy access to the swimming pool is also provided at Terme Zreče and at Rogaška Slatina.

Triglav National Park

The disabled persons can also take a tour of some parts of the only Slovenian national park in wheelchairs. Access is possible to the Velika korita Soče (Great Gorge of the Soča River), Tolminska korita (Tolmin Gorge) and the Pocar Homestead in Zgornja Radovna. The park offers two workshops for the blind and visually impaired persons.

Karst Education Trail in Pliskovica

The author of Pliska Karst Education Trail is also a disabled person, which is why it is worth to be visited by the disabled persons.


Disabled persons can also visit one of the most beautiful towns in the Karst without any difficulty. In the immediate vicinity of this town, there is the Special House (Hiša posebne sorte) tourist farm. It represents the exemplary disability-friendly accommodation, and boasts a gold certificate of the same name.

“Disability Friendly” Certificate

Many facilities boast the “Disability Friendly” certificate, such as the company Marche, which has a chain of restaurants at motorway stops, the Pivka Military History Park and the five-star Camping Šobec.

Explore the Beauties of Nature and Culture

See the numerous sights of Slovenia, visit cultural events, let yourself be pampered at the thermal spas, and let your path bring you to great taverns as well.


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Spas and health resorts


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