650 g beans

500 g peeled potatoes

1 onion / or cracklings as a topping

1 garlic


Bay leaf



Soak the beans in water over night. The next day, cook it in salted water with a bay leaf. The peeled and cut potatoes are cooked separately. Once the beans and potatoes are cooked, they are mixed and mashed well. The mashed potatoes are then topped with onions or cracklings toasted on lard and spiced using crushed garlic.

Meanwhile, the pickled turnip is cooked in water separately; cook for about an hour. The turnip will be even more delicious if cooked together with a smoked knuckle of pork or a piece of bacon. Prepare the roux by frying the onion in lard and some flour in a pan. Add to the turnip while cooking and continue cooking for a few more minutes. Serve the dish immediately. Place the steamed pickled turnip on a plate and add the Matevž on the the side. Pork meat or sausages can also be served with the dish.

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