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Learn about Slovenia, a country that is awe-inspiring with its diversity of nature, culture, and experiences. It takes visitors by surprise with stunning iconic images and the mysteriously beautiful hidden green corners. Experience all of this in a unique way, with boutique “Slovenia Unique” experiences that you will love reminiscing about for a long time to come. These are experiences worth sharing. Make new memories and share them with us by using the hashtag #ifeelsLOVEnia.

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Capture unforgettable moments of your travels around Slovenia, explore its hidden gems, and show them to the world. Become ambassadors of Slovenia and share your memories by using the hashtag #ifeelsLOVEnia.

Catching some Fresh Air out on the Cliff

Climb the Strunjan Cliff, which rises 80 metres up into the air and enjoy a fantastic view of the Slovenian coastline. The cliff is the highlight of the Strunjan Landscape Park, which is adjacent to Izola. With the rich vegetation along its edge and the belt of sea that stretches 200 metres, the cliff was declared a nature reserve. This is the longest stretch of untouched shore along the entire 130-kilometre coastline that runs from Grado in Italy to Savudrija in Croatia.  

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