Oriol from Spain: “When I travel, I am a new person”

22-year-old Oriol comes from Barcelona and he is in love with his BMX bike. He has more than half a million subscribers on YouTube and more than 64 million views of his videos, mostly about traveling and bikes. He is a dreamer, adventures and passionate about  everything he does. 

How did you start your YouTube channel? When it became so popular?

I started making Youtube videos in 2012, at the same time I started riding BMX. I was uploading tutorials of the tricks I was learning because a friend was doing the same. It's crazy for me to be where I am now because I never thought about surpassing even 10,000 subscribers.

I decided to take it seriously after finish my Erasmus in Finland and my internships in a hotel in 2016. I wanted to be my own boss, I have bigger goals in life. One month later I gained 90,000 subscribers and more than 7 million views creating BMX videos.  

What do you already know about Slovenia?

I came to Slovenia in November 2017 for 7 days so I know some basic words in Slovene, names of main cities, I also like history so I know a little bit of the independence war. It's a really eco-friendly country. I’ve watched many documentaries about Slovenia on TV.

What traveling and discovering new places means to you?

It's the best for me! I try to travel as much as I can, at least once a month I go somewhere I haven't been before (This lasts months most of the times were in Spain)

When I travel I forget about negative and stressful things in my life and when I come back home I feel like a new person with a lot of motivation, I also love to meet new people and have friends around the world, learn everything I can about cultures, I am a very curious person so I like every story behind a castle, bridge or a town.

How did you start with BMX? 

My cycling background starts in 2012, since then I didn't ride a bike so many times in my life. I liked it so much I wanted to learn more tricks. You have to understand, that I am really calm person and that was really something new for me.  I was  addicted so fast, I guess because I have nice friends to ride with and also the bike gave me a unique feeling of freedom. So basically I've been riding almost every day for 6 years.

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