For more than a decade, the Slovenian Tourist Board has been promoting innovativeness in Slovenian tourism and supporting the development of innovative products and inventive projects. The Sejalec and Snovalec calls for applications awarding creative ideas and products of destinations and providers were in the forefront until 2020. In 2021 the Sejalec and Snovalec calls were merged with the call for Slovenia Unique Experiences. 


The Sejalec is an award given for creative and innovative achievements in Slovenian tourism. It rewards innovations that have already been implemented and successfully contribute to the greater recognisability of Slovenia’s tourist offer. Sejalec award winners have exciting new approaches, they are unusual, original, and they cover the areas of marketing, business-mindedness, and the promotion of Slovenian tourism.

Award winners are also provided with additional promotion by being highlighted on the national tourism web portal and by being included in the promotional activities of the Slovenian Tourist Board.

A selection of the most innovative tourist products of 2020

Fourteen applications were received to compete for the 2020 Sejalec Award for the most innovative tourist products. The full list is available here.

The Sejalec 2020 Award received Regional Promotion Centre EXPANO. Finalist Sejalec Award received Istrian Breakfast - Tast Local and Jasna Chalet Resort. Winners were announced during the Days of Slovenian Tourism, in December 2020. 




The Snovalec award supports the realisation of creative, inventive, and innovative ideas in tourism and is intended for all those who seek confirmation that they are on the right path with regard to implementing ideas in tourism. Award winners receive financial, promotional, and professional support. As projects by Snovalec award winners are implemented, they can become innovations that will be ready in the future to become candidates for the Sejalec award.

This is an annual competition with a monetary fund contributed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology – Tourism and Internationalisation Directorate in cooperation with the STB for the purpose of promoting the innovative development of Slovenian tourism.

2020 Snovalec Award finalists

The finalists for the Snovalec Award, who implemented and launched their concepts on the market are:


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Sejalec & Snovalec

Learn about the innovative ideas in Slovenian tourism, find Sejalec and Snovalec award winners on a map

AIRTH – an international web portal for innovativeness in tourism


For just over a decade, the Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia (BTPS) has been utilising various activities to promote innovativeness, the development of innovative tourist products, and raise awareness of the significance of being innovative. In cooperation with AIRTH, the Alliance for Innovators and Researchers in Tourism and Hospitality, BTPS is moving to a new international web portal for innovativeness in tourism.

This new innovation platform is an upgrade of the BTPS web portal and it continues to focus on encouraging, researching, and promoting innovativeness in tourism. It encourages the integration of ideas and opportunities for their implementation in Slovenian tourism, and it also promotes applicants and award winners in the global public.

The web portal will also serve as the host for our annual Sejalec and Snovalec competitions, by way of which we encourage and promote the development of innovative tourist products.



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