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A good indicator of trends for the coming season is the number of visitors to in 2022. Over 6 million people visited the portal in 2022, an 86% increase in comparison to 2021. portal in 2022

The number of users to the portal in 2022 by country is as follows: Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and France. In addition to traditional markets in Central Europe, interest in Slovenia is growing in the United States. Visits to the portal from the US have increased by 3.5 times and are approaching half a million (446,000), which is most probably also due to the strong dollar.

Most of the traffic in 2022 came from digital advertising through the Global Digital Campaign. In terms of content, the most visited pages are Stories, published monthly in the Stories from Slovenia newsletter. Users were also attracted by video stories of successful Slovenian athletes. Hiking and cycling attracted the most interest, while a cute story about the cooking and climbing duo of Ana Roš and Janja Garnbret also attracted a lot of attention. This was followed by content grouped under the categories of Places to Go and Things to Do.  

Organic traffic to the portal increased by 12% in 2022 to almost 2 million users. The portal was enriched with new content that sparks the imagination and increases the desire to visit a destination. This interest is also detected by Google, which measures the time visitors spend reading the content. thus already covers several thousand different contents in seven languages. In addition to quantity, quality is also important: following the latest upgrade, Google's algorithm can assess the authenticity of the content. If a story is based on real experiences, it will reward it with a higher search engine position. And it's stories like these that are increasingly appearing on 

Although the focus of last year's campaign was on active holidays, visitors are also increasingly interested in other areas, which is reflected in a marked increase in organic searches for content related to spas and health resorts (wellbeing) and lifestyle. Here searches increased by 65%. For the contents related to cities and culture, traffic was up 260% in comparison to 2022, with organic traffic up by half. Gastronomy related contents were up by three times. The Slovenian Tourist Board will highlight these contents in the 2023 digital marketing campaign. 

In 2022, the mobile experience of the portal was revamped. According to research, mobile users are the best guests: they spend more, take part in more trips and activities, and are twice as likely to write a positive online review. The mobile experience is a growing trend, but the reverse is also true: the better the experience, the more it will attract mobile users. It is therefore not surprising that, following the redesign of the portal's mobile user experience, mobile users have increased significantly and now account for 63% of all visits at an organic level.

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