The incentive product strongly depends on the natural and cultural diversity. Although Slovenia is a small country, its extremly diverse nature makes it exceptional for various experiences. Intertwining appeal, the quality offer of accommodation and value for money, Slovenia is one of the best incentive destinations in Europe. Instilling further trust into the Slovenian incentive product are the standards for safe and healthy events, which have become the gold standard for organising events for all members of the Slovenian Convention Bureau.

Endless possibilities

A detailed insight into various incentive products reveals the main advantage of organising events in Slovenia. You can incorporate experiences characterised by local features of the Meditteranean, Alpine, Pannonian and Coastal-Karst regions of Slovenia into numerous time frames. Such a complex and diverse incentive offer in such a small space is hard to come across anywhere else in Europe. 

Sustainable development or walk as you talk

Ecology swears by coexistence, and the same goes for events and destinations where events take place. Slovenia can be labelled as a sustainable destination. Thus, a destination where water resources, forests, ecosystem service and renewable sources are in balance with the population and guests arriving at the destination. That is the foundation of the providers’ green, five-star and boutique incentive programmes.

In Slovenia, we strive to develop sustainable events and contribute to the preservation of nature and the environment –  the quality of water, air, biodiversity and climate. Moreover, we strive to have a positive impact on society –  the welfare of local communities and the broader community. We aspire to include local stakeholders, provide accessibility for all regardless of special needs, and ensure an ethical approach, responsibility and transparency.

The textbook examples of green and five-star events & incentive destinations in Slovenia

Below are textbook examples of green, healthy and five-star events in four major Slovenian incentive destinations and novelties in individual destinations:


City incentives

The most developed incentive offer can be found in Slovenia's capital Ljubljana, boasting the most specialised DMC agencies, and the country's second-largest city, Maribor. Both cities offer an array of developed sustainable products that comprise intriguing programmes. Ljubljana’s standout feature is its culinary story based around local self-sufficiency. Ljubljana impresses guests with its architecture, which has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List this year due to the architectural genius Jože Plečnik. Equally impressive is the story of RECRO Centre Ljubljana, one of the most modern facilities for waste management in Europe. This unusual incentive story will completely shift your outlook on the world and the circular economy of the future. Maribor and its surroundings, on the other hand, are famous for beekeeping and wine-related incentives and stories. 

Novelties in 2021: Ljubljana Airport has recently opened its ultra-modern airport terminal. Hoteliers welcomed the renovated Four Points by Sheraton and the partly renovated Grand Hotel Union. Furthermore, two boutique hotels, Heritage and Zlata ladjica, have recently opened their doors to guests

Incentives in the Alps

The triangle between Bled, Bohinj and Kranjska gora is the epicentre of Slovenian incentive stories. Here, one can find the most photogenic and picturesque Slovenian destination with lakes and mountains, situated around the protected Triglav National Park. Among sustainable incentive stories, authentic experiences have recently seen a spike. One of the incentive ideas is to become a “Bohinjc for a day” and step into the shoes of Bohinj’s ancestors, who created the Alpine dairy farms we know today. What is more, you can get acquainted with how the renowned Bohinj cheese is made from scratch. Another authentic story is undoubtedly rowing with Bled’s Olympians. The silver lining of these stories is conserving nature for our descendants.

Novelties in 2021: The completely renovated Hotel Elegans Brdo within the Brdo Estate has opened its doors. Bohinj has welcomed the luxury Hotel Bohinj.

Incentives on the Coast and in the Karst region

The Slovenian Coast, alongside the Karst region, belongs among the most developed tourist destinations in Slovenia. The region is ever-popular among organisers of incentive programmes. The Karst underground is an incredibly delicate ecosystem that can be discovered while on an adventurous tour of the hidden gems of the Postojna Cave Park. Equally impressive is a visit to the oldest stud farm in Lipica and horse-whispering that will change your view of these noble animals. When visiting the Coast, we strongly recommend visiting the Fonda fish farm, where you will meet a family that has decided to grow the best and healthiest fish in the world.

Novelties in 2021: Hotel Histrion in Portorož has recently undergone an extensive renovation. In Lipica, the completely renovated Hotel Maestoso has welcomed its first guests. Hotel Grand Koper has opened its doors in Koper.

Meetings in Pannonian Slovenia

If anywhere, Prekmurje is where you will be captivated by the sentiment of the people from the plains, the Pannonian melancholy, healing thermal water and joy for life. From the aspect of authenticity, Prekmurje will hardly disappoint you. The closest you can get to experiencing the authentic Pannonian story is through the “Gourmet Over Mura” story. The most simple and vivid description of the story is from the plain to the plate. The new culinary story is about seven excellent providers who are the reason for an unforgettable incentive experience. The providers are connected by family tradition, knowledge, cuisine and love for sharing their passion for Pomurje. That is precisely what modern incentive organisers search for.

Novelties in 2021: The designer homestead Pri Momi na Goriškem has welcomed its first guests. Forest Glamping Resort Bleguš has also opened its doors.

Did you know?

In 2010, the Slovenian Convention Bureau, in cooperation with the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association, helped build a school bee house in Dobrna. Similarly, in 2012 volunteers from numerous countries helped build a bee house as part of the IMEX Challenge in CUDV Draga. Both beehouses provided exceptional honey. With both projects, Slovenian congress service providers proved that their aspirations in sustainable development and preserving bees are genuine and far-reaching.

Authentic and environmentally responsible incentive experiences in Slovenia

Respectful towards the environment, participants and clients

Authentic and environmentally responsible incentive experiences in Slovenia


Special venues to impress

Slovenia boasts a record number of special venues in the region

Special venues to impress


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