“Think global, act locally” is a slogan that seems particularly fitting after the corona crisis. In Slovenia, we try to manifest it in the field of incentive travel. It is our responsibility to organise future events with the smallest possible carbon footprint. However, time to take measures is irrevocably running out. The social and environmental price of irresponsibly organising events will impact future generations. Our global ecological debt is perpetually rising, and it is our responsibility to reduce it.

By not considering the bearing capacity of the environment when organising events, we, as event organisers, will be co-responsible for the consequences. At the same time, we have to satisfy the basic human desire for socialising and exchanging knowledge. The easiest way to implement the paradigm is in food and energy self-efficiency, choosing local food providers, using renewable energy sources, deciding for sharing economy, shortening the supply chain, creating a balance between the city and the countryside, and recycling.


During the crisis corona year, Slovenia has proved to be a very agile and responsible meeting destination. We develop our products on the basis of preserving the natural environment and ensuring the safety of participants. The latter is followed by unforgettable experiences, outstanding gastronomic offers and charming preserved landscape. Altogether, an excellent foundation for the further advancement of Slovenia’s incentive product, well developed throughout the country.

Did you know that Ljubljana became the European Green Capital in 2016?

 This project spawned several activities supporting the sustainable organisation of events. It is vital to all international meeting planners that the participants can use public transport free of charge just by showing their event badges. The agricultural side of Ljubljana features in the “Green Supply Chain” project. The project enables the possibility to purchase 100% locally produced food or, when this is not possible, regionally or nationally produced products at a fair price. Ljubljana is the first European capital on the path to a zero-waste society and has committed to this cause with the Zero Waste project.


Slovenia’s incentive product differentiates itself from incentive products alike primarily due to its authenticity. Unlike numerous commonly generic programmes, in Slovenia, you will be able to experience stories unparalleled throughout Europe, as Slovenia safeguards authentic and sustainably oriented stories originating from our history, culture and tradition. Below, we have gathered several intriguing suggestions. Slovenian DMC agencies have the know-how to elevate them with rich accompanying programmes. Lest we forget the exceptional cuisine, recognised in several Michelin-star awarded restaurants. Slovenia prides itself on 170 acclaimed unique dishes, and the current culinary scene is a renaissance of Slovenia’s gastronomy.

4 original Slovenian experiences

Ecology swears by coexistence, and the same goes for events and the destinations where events take place. It is evident that in the future incentive programmes developed in Slovenia will have the edge. Here are four original Slovenian experiences:


Coexistence with wild animals

Would you like to know more about how and where brown bears, wolves and lynx live? All three animals are protected, while their conservation largely depends on coexistence with humans. Slovenia boasts the only centre in Europe, named after Dina the lynx, where these charismatic animals are presented interactively. By going on a trip to the nearby Mašun hill, you will get familiar with their natural environment and even see a bear’s den. Those who have more time to spare, can embark on a photo hunt for bears.

Beekeeping as a way of life

Slovenian beekeepers have kept a respectful relationship with nature and society for centuries. What we can take from the world of bees is their incredible order and their ability to live as a community. Bees surprise us with their solidarity, diligence and responsibility. This incentive experience will take you into the mysterious world of bees, crucial for safeguarding the future of humankind. Furthermore, you will learn why there is no life without bees and how every third spoonful of food depends on bees.

In the embrace of trees

It seems almost unbelievable that we have a primaeval forest in the middle of Europe. In Slovenia’s Kočevje, the majority of Slovenia’s primaeval forests can be found. Among them, the Rajhenavski Rog and Krokar forests are most recognised. The incentive group can experience them in their intact form and with expert guidance. Participants will experience the greatness of nature in its truest form.

Healthy food

In the times we live in, time for a healthy lifestyle and truly healthy food is scarce. Among healthy and quality food, you will certainly find fish. In Slovenia, we are proud of the quality and source of our food. As part of the incentive programme led by Irena Fonda, a molecular biologist, you will delve into how to raise fish in a healthy environment and in line with the highest standards in today’s world.

Four faces of the Slovenian incentive product

Natural diversity defines the authenticity and appeal of the Slovenian incentive product

Four faces of the Slovenian incentive product


Special venues to impress

Slovenia boasts a record number of special venues in the region

Special venues to impress


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About the Slovenian Convention Bureau

The Slovenian Convention Bureau is a professional intermediary between event planners and clients for services related to Slovenia’s meetings, events, and incentive industry. As a strategic partner of the Slovenian Tourist Board, it will help you find the best solutions and the most suitable partners for your needs.

The Slovenian Convention Bureau is a member-based organisation that focuses on the marketing and promotion of Slovenia as a destination for business events including meetings, incentive travel experiences, conferences, events and exhibitions. It features more than 70 active members from all over Slovenia including hotels, small and large venues, restaurants and the full spectrum of agencies – DMMOs, DMCs, PCOs, team building, experiential, etc.

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