STB's innovation in virtual communication with the business public awarded at WEBSI

Published: 16.9.2022

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STB's innovation in virtual communication with the business public awarded at WEBSI

WEBSI, the largest competition for digital projects in Slovenia, awarded Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) with the silver award in the tourism category for innovative approach to virtual communication with the foreign business public. 

STB's innovation in virtual communication with the business public awarded at WEBSI

In June 2021, due to restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the STB launched the My way of escaping to Slovenia innovative online educational platform, which uses an attractive and playful format and innovative, creative and interactive contents to inspire foreign business partners to acquire new and deepen existing knowledge about Slovenia. The platform enables a virtual journey through the most unique stories of Slovenia and inspires future visits to Slovenia. The personalized virtual discovery of Slovenia enables foreign tour operators and travel agents to unveil Slovenia's secrets in their own way, enjoy its beauty and find inspiration for creating unforgettable holidays for their clients. The online educational platform, available in English, also offers various materials and regular knowledge tests about Slovenia. Correct answers to the questions in the special test allow you to obtain the title and become the I feel Slovenia Certified Expert.

"Even during the pandemic and despite strict measures, the STB strived to maintain contacts with key foreign partners. In order to adapt even more successfully to the new conditions, we searched for unique, innovative virtual solutions to present Slovenia to our partners as an attractive, green, safe destination for boutique experiences and thus support their efforts to  inspire visitors for Slovenia. I am glad that the Feel sLOVEni@ gamified online trainings on the My way of escaping to Slovenia online platform were successful. We are also proud of the WEBSI award. For the STB, this is already the fourth WEBSI award for excellence in the field of digital communication, which we have successfully been upgrading for many years in line with the latest global guidelines," says MSc. Maja Pak, the director of the STB.

The My Way of Escaping to Slovenia online platform, along with the Feel sLOVEni@ educational online trainings, is a playful way of offering foreign tour operators and travel agents easily accessible in-depth knowledge about Slovenia, no matter where they are and when they need it. Throughout the entire training, Slovenia presents itself as a green, safe, active, unique destination for 5-star experiences. The combination of educational videos and questions is a great way to gain new knowledge about Slovenia and learn about its main tourist attractions, hidden corners and unforgettable activities. By answering the questions correctly, the players - tour operators and agents - gain points; an adequate number of the points enables them to obtain the I feel Slovenia Certified Expert certificate.

In addition to personalized and fun-filled exploration of Slovenia, users can design their own itinerary, called Escape Plan (which has a double meaning: it can be considered as an escape from everyday life or a vacation), by including the information they found most interesting. After completing the training, they can read and learn more about the places they have included. Escape Plan can serve as a tourist guide when visiting Slovenia and it can also be shared.

By presenting detailed information about Slovenia and its four macro destinations - Alpine Slovenia, Ljubljana & Central Slovenia, Thermal Pannonian Slovenia, Mediterranean and Karst Slovenia - users learn about intriguing stories about Slovenia in a playful and attractive way. Step by step, they discover unique stories and experiences of Slovenian tourism and gain valuable knowledge about the destination.

The My way of escaping to Slovenia online platform, along with the Feel sLOVEni@ educational online trainings, is a hybrid of entertainment and education, as it helps users gain and deepen their knowledge and create useful materials for their customers.

Both in Slovenia and in the wider regional area, no comparable on-line online educational platform exists that would present the country as a tourist destination in a playful and entertaining and at the same time professional and in-depth manner, thereby enabling foreign tour operators and travel agents to acquire the necessary knowledge for further providing information about Slovenia to foreign guests and promoting the sale of Slovenia as an attractive tourist destination. The appeal of the platform is definitely its accessibility from anywhere and at any time. In addition to the newly acquired knowledge, additional motivation is the I feel Slovenia Certified Expert title and certificate, which raises the reputation and credibility of travel organizers and agents within their market.

Over the years, the STB already received the following WEBSI awards for excellence in digital communication:

-       The web portal, which presents the complete gastronomic story of Slovenia, took 2nd place in the Tourism category in 2021. In addition, the jury also highlighted it as the website with the best user experience.

-       Now is the time. My Slovenia. campaign won the 1st place in the Tourism category in 2020.

-       Slovenia. Make New Memories. global digital campaign won the 1st place in 2017 as the Best Digital Campaign.

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