4 new Michelin stars for Slovenia - Nine restaurants boast one Michelin star and one boasts two

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4 new Michelin stars for Slovenia - Nine restaurants boast one Michelin star and one boasts two

A major success for Slovenian gastronomy: a total of 58 restaurants are included in the third edition of the MICHELIN GUIDE SLOVENIA 2022. Already for the third time, the Michelin inspectors awarded Hiša Franko with two stars, while one star was awarded to as many as 9 restaurants. Four restaurants boast a new star: COB, Strelec, Hiša Linhart and Milka.

4 new Michelin stars for Slovenia - Nine restaurants boast one Michelin star and one boasts two

The 2022 edition of the Michelin Guide Slovenia includes as many as 58 restaurants. One restaurant (Hiša Franko) has two stars and 9 have one star. Among them are also four new restaurants: COB, Strelec, Hiša Linhart and Milka. 6 restaurants received the Michelin green star for sustainable gastronomy. The Michelin Guide is considered the most prestigious and influential brand in the world of gastronomy with an exceptional global reach. It is outstanding to have Slovenia included, as this showcases creativity, boldness, exceptional quality and sustainable approach. It also proves that Slovenia stands alongside the best in the world and contributes to the visibility of Slovenia as a unique tourist destination for exceptional authentic experiences.


Michelin inspectors included as many as 58 Slovenian restaurants in the third edition of the guide.

Michelin stars indicate restaurants that, according to the evaluations of Michelin inspectors, offer top gastronomic experiences. In their evaluation, they are guided by five criteria: the quality of the ingredients, the cooking techniques, the harmony of flavours, the personality of the master chef and the emotions they evokes with the dishes, alongside with consistency throughout the menu and between different inspections.

For the third time in a row, Hiša Franko of chef Ana Roš has retained two Michelin stars for excellent cuisine.

Nine restaurants were awarded one Michelin star (the last four are new this year):

  1. Atelje, chef Jorg Zupan
  2. Dam Restaurant, chef Uroš Fakuč
  3. Gostilna pri Lojzetu, chef Tomaž Kavčič
  4. Gostišče Grič, chef Luka Košir
  5. Hiša Denk, chef Gregor Vračko
  6. COB, led by chef Filip Matjaž,
  7. Hiša Linhart led by chef Uroš Štefelin,
  8. Milka led by chef David Žefran,
  9. Strelec Restaurant led by chef Igor Jagodic

The Michelin Green Star is used to highlight restaurants that are committed to more sustainable gastronomy. Three years ago, Slovenian restaurants were among the first to have received the Michelin award for sustainability. As pinpointed by Michelin, this "expresses praise and encouragement for ecologically responsible initiatives carried out in exemplary restaurants. Slovenia, which is often called the 'green lungs of Europe', confirms its status as a pioneer in the field of ecologically responsible gastronomy with two new restaurants having received the MICHELIN green star".

Four restaurants have retained the Michelin green star since last year:

  • Gostilna Krištof, chef Uroš Gorjanc
  • Gostilna Mahorčič, chef Ksenija Krajšek Mahorčič
  • Gostišče Grič, chef Luka Košir
  • Hiša Franko, chef Ana Roš

New green stars were awarded to:

  • Gostilna Repovž, chef Meta Repovž
  • Hiša Linhart, chef Uroš Štefelin

Bib Gourmand designates restaurants that offer excellent meals at a good price. Michelin inspectors awarded this recognition to seven restaurants, who have kept the Bib Gourmand from last year:

Gostilna na Gradu, Gostilna Repovž, Jožef, Mahorčič, Rajh, Ruj, TaBar


There are additional 41 Slovenian restaurants listed in the 2022 Michelin Guide Slovenia:

AS, B-Restaurant, Calypso, Cubo, Dvor Jezeršek, Etna,  Galerija Okusov, Gostilna Danilo, Gostilna Francl, Gostilna Krištof, Gostilna Vovko, Gredič, Harfa, Hiša Krasna, Hiša Torkla, JB, Kendov Dvorec, Julijana, Landerik, MAK, Monstera Bistro, Ošterija Debeluh, Otočec Castle, Pavus, Pikol, RestavracijaHotela Marina, Rizibizi, Sedem, Separé, Shambala, Sophia, Stara Gostilna, Sushimama, Valvas'or, Vila Planinka

6 restaurants are new in this category:

Altrokè, City Terasa, Restavracija 1906, Restavracija Mama Marija, Špacapanova hiša, Vila Podvin


Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the Michelin Guides: "The third edition of the MICHELIN Guide Slovenia demonstrates the increasing gastronomic standard that can be observed throughout the country. In fact, the 10 new restaurants joining the 2022 selection are located in seven different cities, and our inspectors were thrilled to discover how high-quality restaurants are emerging or progressing year after year across the country. In addition, during their visits, our team noticed to what extent the commitment to providing more sustainable and ecologically responsible experiences in restaurants is a basic trend and a strong culinary tradition in the local gastronomic scene. This commitment is fueled by increasingly dedicated chefs, as evidenced by the addition of two new MICHELIN green stars to the 2022 selection.”

On this occasion, Matjaž Han, Minister of Economic Development and Technology, commented: "Slovenia is successfully putting itself on the global gastronomic map – also thanks to international gastronomic guides such as Michelin. The inclusion of Slovenian restaurants and inns in the guide is not only a gain for Slovenian tourism, but also contributes significantly to the richness and diversity of the global gastronomic world. Our country boasts a rich gastronomic heritage in 24 different gastronomic regions and three wine-growing countries with top-quality boutique wines and a long winemaking tradition. In addition, Slovenia is also the land of excellent chefs, winemakers and local producers – they all boast exceptional tradition, modern knowledge and creativity. Gastronomy also has an important place in the new 2022-2028 Slovenian Tourism Strategy. It is one of the key tourist products. Our creative chefs prove that gastronomic delights can also be an independent tourist product. Such 5-star experiences can be a reason to visit a particular destination. I am also convinced that gastronomy can significantly contribute to the faster recovery and future resilience of both European and Slovenian tourism. And on this path, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology will continue to support all activities in order to position Slovenia as a green, sustainable and boutique destination with top tourism experiences."

MSc. Maja Pak, the Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board commented:"I am thrilled and proud that Hiša Franko has again received two stars and that nine restaurants have received one star, including as many as four new ones. We can also be proud that three years ago Slovenian restaurants were among the first recipients of Michelin's recognition for sustainability. In this evaluation, six restaurants received the green star, with which the Michelin inspectors highlight the role of Slovenian gastronomy in global sustainable gastronomy and set it as an example for both food lovers and professionals. Despite the challenges in the hospitality and catering in the recent period, we are grateful that they  build on, look for new opportunities and create new stories. They remain true to what we value most: local, authentic, sustainable, healthy, creative, innovative and genuinely hospitable. In this way, they strengthen the reputation of Slovenia as a destination for top gastronomic experiences. This was recognized by Michelin and the excellence of Slovenian gastronomy was once again awarded with stars. At the Slovenian Tourist Board, we strive to bring our exceptional gastronomy to the world through various systematic, modern, innovative activities. That is why we decided to cooperate with the Michelin guide years ago. Congratulations to everyone included in the new edition of the world's most influential guide. I wish that this would be an additional incentive for new successful stories and a source of inspiration in overcoming numerous daily challenges that the hospitality industry is facing these days."

Blaž Cvar, the Chair of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry: "Slovenia has definitely found its place on the global gastronomic map. In recent years, we have achieved important developments in the field of gastronomy and hospitality. Even though we are a small country, we have many talented chefs who attract guests from Slovenia and abroad with their masterpieces. Michelin even designated us as a 'must go' destination. In recent years, our restaurants have also made a special breakthrough in the area of ​​sustainability. They make the most of nature and use local ingredients from local producers. The quality of hospitality is rising every year, which is also confirmed by our guests who love to return. Michelin award winners are the driving force behind the development of Slovenian cuisine. On the other hand, their visibility also has a positive effect on local providers, which means that we can talk about multiplier effects. It took a lot of work and effort to achieve this breakthrough in Slovenian gastronomy. We are glad that the organizations that cover these areas are connected to each other and that the cooperation between us is getting stronger every year. For the first time this year, our catering and tourism section at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will organize a meeting for restaurants as part of the Days of Slovenian Tourism, which will be held in Laško in mid-November. It is therefore crucial to maintain Slovenian gastronomy at a high level and to upgrade it every year. However, we must not forget that we must also create suitable conditions for the growth and development of this segment of the economy. Sincere congratulations to all Michelin star winners and those included in the guide."

Announcement of the results of the Michelin evaluations

Michelin announced the results of the evaluation of Slovenian restaurants this morning in a press release, which was forwarded to the global media. Until then, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) did not have the list of restaurants included in the Michelin guide for 2022, as Michelin, in accordance with its business policy, does not disclose it until the official announcement. When announcing the results of the evaluation of Michelin inspectors, the STB prepared an event for chefs and representatives of award-winning restaurants, as well as the media, where awarded chefs received the nameplates for 2022 and chef's jackets.

The printed edition of the MICHELIN GUIDE SLOVENIA 2022 will be available at the end of September. More information about the restaurants included in the guide is also available on Michelin's official website and on www.tasteslovenia.si and www.slovenia.info.

A 120-year tradition of the best gastronomic stories

Michelin is the most respected and prestigious brand in the field of gastronomic guides with an exceptional global reach and influence on the gastronomic development of the destination. For more than 120 years, it has presented the best culinary stories around the world.

Michelin only enters destinations with proven culinary potential and in doing so follows its development policy and expert assessment. Today it is present in more than 40 global destinations; they have 4.5 million followers on their social networks, which represents a powerful communication channel to appeal to dedicated gastronomic tourists. It puts the offer of high added value in the foreground and appeals to the most discerning gastronomic tourists, but at the same time it also highlights unforgettable experiences accessible to a wider circle of gastronomy lovers.

The STB successfully introduced the Michelin Guide to Slovenia in 2020, making Slovenia the 34th Michelin destination.

Michelin stands out for its more than 120-year tradition, elaborate evaluation criteria and a team of professional anonymous inspectors. They actively follows gastronomic developments around the world and pay attention to innovations, changes and current events.

Michelin inspectors visit restaurants anonymously and evaluate them based on the Michelin methodology, which is based on five criteria:

  • the quality of the ingredients;
  • cooking techniques;
  • harmony of flavours;
  • the personality of the master chef and the emotions they evoke with the dishes;
  • consistency throughout the menu and between different visits.

The reach of the articles published after the announcement of the results of the assessment of Michelin inspectors in 2021

The arrival of the Michelin guide in Slovenia in 2020 and its focus on sustainable gastronomy and the systematic, target-oriented promotion of the STB generated numerous articles in the most prominent global media; for example, this inspired Condé Nast Traveler to declare Slovenia the best holiday destination in 2021. The monthly reach of the Condé Nast Traveler web portal is more than 493,000 visitors. This information was summarized by many media, and the STB also highlighted it via the Newswire system with a message entitled Leading Global Media Name Slovenia a "Must Visit" destination for 2021. The news was reported by 487 foreign media with a potential reach of 4 billion readers.

Through Meltwater, the STB tracked 290 publications in foreign media related to the MICHELIN GUIDE SLOVENIA 2021, which reached 590,965,436 readers. The estimated advertising value of the publications is over 5,5 million euros.

In 2021, the STB prepared more than 150 articles and releases related to the Michelin Guide, which reached more than 600,000 impressions on social networks. On the www.slovenia.info portal, 733,660 visits by 396,491 visitors were recorded in 2021 on all gastronomy-related content. The website www.tasteslovenia.si recorded 118,397 visits by 44,694 visitors.

Promoting gastronomy

Similar to the previous one, also the current 2022-2028 Slovenian Tourism Strategy places gastronomy among the products with a strong impact on revenues and the image of Slovenian tourism, which are important for increasing added value and distinctiveness. In order to make Slovenia even more recognizable as a surprising gastronomic destination, with excellent gastronomy, extraordinary nature, rich culture and unique experiences, the STB implements various projects.

Slovenia is promoted as a destination for unique gastronomic experiences on all STB's communication channels: on the national tourism portal www.slovenia.info, the gastronomic portal www.tasteslovenia.si, Feel Slovenia social media, newsletters in Slovenian and English language (News from Slovenia, Stories from Slovenia, Gastronomske stories.

In 2021, Facebook LIVEs were also held, in which several master chefs prepared dishes live directly via Facebook and in direct contact with the followers; this kind of approach has been rewarded by the international public for excellence in communication. The STB received The Golden City Gate 2022 Golden Award for new communication approaches.

Gastronomy is also included in the My Way global digital campaign, which will take place in selected foreign markets until May 2023 through Google channels and social networks, as well as in advertising in selected specialized foreign online and print media. The promotional strategy includes numerous press trips for foreign journalists and influencers, publications in specialized media and presentation of gastronomy at events at home and abroad. The STB supports the organization and implementation of high-profile events such as the European Food Summit and Restaurant Week, as well as the Gault&Millau gastronomic guide.

Last year, the STB upgraded the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism with the Slovenia Green Cuisine label and thus innovatively expanded the efforts to develop sustainable tourism in Slovenia under the umbrella platform of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism. To date, 42 providers have obtained the label, which is a unique contribution to the sustainable development of Slovenian gastronomy and the recognition of the entire destination as healthy and sustainable. The green scheme has introduced new criteria for destinations in the field of gastronomic offer management.

Slovenia Unique Experiences is a collection of the most unique boutique, authentic 5-star experiences. The strict rules for awarding the label ensure that they experiences are very personal, authentic, in contact with the locals, in a way that has not been transferred from elsewhere and that is in line with the sustainable principles of operating in tourism. Among the 16 stories, almost half of them offer gastronomic experiences: Intiniti Wine Bliss sensory experience with stories from Brda, Velenje Underground – a gastronomic adventure 160 meters underground, An unforgettable day in the Fonda Fish Farm, Vintage Gourmet Tour, Yummy Market Walk, Along the path of the most beautiful wine stories to the oldest vine in the world, Meet Meat & Eat – a story about meat that is worth taking the time for and Magical Herbs in the Savinjska Valley.

To support the development and promotion of gastronomy, a new web portal www.tasteslovenia.si was established in June 2020. It presents an integrated gastronomic story of Slovenia, based on the philosophy "from farm to table", which includes local suppliers, top ingredients and traditionu upgraded by Slovenian chefs. Special attention is paid to the sustainable direction of Slovenian tourism.

The Taste Slovenia portal has already received several international awards: the golden award of The Golden City Gate 2021 festival in the website category; 2nd place in the Tourism category and recognition for the website with the best user experience at the Websi online champions competition; winning in the Sustainability category and ranking among the 10 best websites for gourmet travelers in 2022 as selected by the international jury of IGCAT (International Institute for Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism).

The official Slovenian tourist portal www.slovenia.info represents an umbrella communication website with various contents, also gastronomy. Contents are translated into six foreign languages ​​(English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian).

The STB also produced the gastronomic video on Slovenian Gastronomy, You can't spell Slovenia without love, which presents the story of Slovenian gastronomy and its sustainable approach through the eyes of Michelin-starred chefs. It presents the character and life of six recipients of Michelin stars in 2020 (Hiša Franko, Hiša Denk, Atelje, Vila Podvin, Dam Restaurant and Gostilna pri Lojzetu) and offers an insight into their connection with local producers, who provide them with seasonal ingredients and help create superior culinary creations of high quality. In the video, shots of pristine nature reflect natural diversity, which enables the creation of top plates.


The video received many prestigious awards.

In 2022:

  • gold award at The Golden City Gate
  • gold award at the International Tourism Film Festival Africa ITFFA in South Africa in the category of tourism products - gastronomy
  • finalist at the YWTFF tourism film festival in Japan in the tourism product category
  • winner of Silafest, Serbia – international festival of tourism and environmental films

In 2021:

  • Winner of the UNWTO Tourism Video Competition 2021. It won in the Sustainable Tourism Extraordinary Stories category, which included videos that showcase tourism with people from tourism and explain the positive social impact that tourism has by creating opportunities for all.
  • First place in the category Best International Video Promoting a Tourism Product FITUR 2021.
  • Winner of the New Food Trends category at the Film Food Menu competition organized by the International Institute for Gastronomy, Culture, Art and Tourism IGCAT.

The STB successfully connects gastronomy with other products, such as activities in nature and sports. For promotional purposes, also the story of two exceptional women who are an inspiration to many has been created: master chef Ana Roš and athlete Janja Garnbret.

In support of sustainable practices in Slovenian gastronomy, the STB was the initiator of the signing of the pledge to eliminate single-use plastics from the catering and tourist offer, which was already signed by 100 stakeholders of Slovenian tourism. The ambassador of the project and the first who signed the pledge is chef Luka Košir, who again received the Michelin star and the green star.

More information about Slovenian gastronomy at:





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