Slovenia will host the UEFA European U21 Championship

Published: 22.3.2021

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Slovenia will host the UEFA European U21 Championship

Between March 24 and June 6 2021, Slovenia and Hungary will host the best young European football players at the U21 Championship. The event will increase the visibility and reputation of Slovenia as an excellent destination for active holidays, preparation of athletes and the host of the largest sporting events.

Slovenia will host the UEFA European U21 Championship

As part of the event, the visibility of Slovenia will be strongly emphasized through the I feel Slovenia brand at the event venue and through various communication channels during the championship. UEFA has recognized the great importance of Slovenia's sustainable commitment. This is why a communication campaign "Cleaner air - better game" presents an integral part of the championship.

Why Slovenia?

Slovenia ranks among the top sporting countries in the world in terms of the number of top athletes. In addition, it also enjoys a growing reputation in terms of organising the most demanding international sports competitions. Even during the COVID-19 epidemic, by providing strict safety and health measures and appropriate conditions for sports teams, Slovenia proved to be an excellent organizer of competitions in "a bubble". Particularly noteworthy are the events that also take into account Slovenia's sustainable commitment, such as this year's football championship with the project 'Cleaner air - better game'.

Raising visibility

The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) recognizes the importance of such international sports events as an excellent opportunity to raise the profile and reputation of Slovenia as a tourist destination, especially for active holidays, preparation of athletes and the organisation of the most demanding sporting events. The STB pays special attention to the promotion of Slovenia as an attractive destination for active holidays and sports tourism, as this product shows great market potential in the current situation.

Exceptional exposure of Slovenia

Within the framework of the European U21 Championship, Slovenia will be put into the spotlight, as more than 153 million viewers are expected to watch the championship. The greatest visibility will be in Germany and Italy, which remain among the most important markets for Slovenian tourism also in the post-corona world. The I feel Slovenia brand and a series of communication activities during the championship will present Slovenia as a responsible and sustainable destination for active and healthy experiences. The brand will be especially exposed at the venue of the event, with billboards placed around the pitch and on the media backgrounds of all matches. At the same time, a video of Slovenia will be played on the big screen at all venues in Slovenia, in communication by the organizers, within the official website of the event and social networks of the event and in communication with foreign and domestic media representatives.

The event has a remarkable media reach. As part of live broadcasts on transnational and foreign TV networks and live streaming worldwide, the event is expected to be watched by more than 153 million viewers, mostly from Western Europe (more than 107 million), Eastern Europe (35 million viewers), the Middle East (8 million viewers), the USA and Asia. The highest interest in the championship is recorded in Germany (39 million spectators), Italy (almost 34 million spectators), Spain (20.5 million spectators), followed by Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and other countries, which are among the most important markets for Slovenian tourism. They also expect exceptional involvement on the social networks of the event, with as many as 96 million interactions and video views.

"Cleaner air - better game"

On Tuesday, March 23, the championship will launch a campaign called "Cleaner Air - Better Game". UEFA recognized the great importance of Slovenia's sustainable commitment and decided to carry out a campaign that will raise awareness of the great importance of clean air and warn of the danger of air pollution.

Thus, UEFA joins the awareness of how to protect the environment in order to ensure sustainability also in the field of football sporting events. Accordingly, a new campaign has been launched focusing on raising awareness of the importance of clean air and raising awareness of the dangers of air pollution for the future of matches in Europe with the slogan "Cleaner air - a better game". UEFA will use the visibility of football to inform the public about the dangers of air pollution and encourage behavior that contributes to cleaner air and at the same time better play.

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Photo: Major sporting events with globally recognizable sports ambassadors are an excellent opportunity to present Slovenia as a destination for active holidays and sports tourism and the host of international sports competitions and other events. Photo provided by: Slovenian Football Association (NZS)

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