Winter edition – Alex Strohl visited us again!

Published: 1.3.2019

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Winter edition – Alex Strohl visited us again!

The world-famous photographer, Alex Strohl, who has more than 2 million followers on Instagram, visited us again this winter. Among the highlights of his trip was also Vila Planinka.

Winter edition – Alex Strohl visited us again!

Let us recall: who's Alex Strohl and what does he have to do with Slovenia?

Alex Strohl is a Madrid born French photographer whose whole work is characterized by his extraordinary travels. His photography has been featured in prestigious publications such as Forbes, Vanity Fair and Gentleman’s Journal. He spends the vast majority of his time on the road with his life partner Andrea Dabene, who happens to have Slovenian roots. He visited Slovenia in July 2018 and captured some amazing moments. Slovenian mountains inspired him so much that he wanted to come back in winter. And we’ve made this happen.

And the story continues in 2019…  

It was early February when Alex and his video-maker Tucker MacDonald returned to Slovenia to capture winter moments in Slovenia. On his 8-day-long journey, he visited numerous Alpine areas and took some remarkable photos of the high mountains. Additionally, he also worked on his app about the best coffee spots in Ljubljana.

Alex started his winter travel in Slovenia on a cold February evening, when he flew to Slovenia from Rejkjavik. The first stop was Vila Planinka – a remarkable, brand-new hotel in Jezersko – we have aimed to show it to him and were thrilled when the owners agreed to open it especially for him (the official opening of the hotel took place a week later). He was one of the first guests and he really loved the place – in fact so much that he wanted to return after two days; due to bad weather conditions, this was just perfect, as his itinerary had to be changed all the time. In one of his Instagram stories, he said that Vila Planinka might as become his second home – which aligns with the slogan of the hotel: “Welcome home!”

But it was not just the hotel that impressed him so much. It was also the perfect setting amidst the mighty alpine peaks – what else could one have wished for? Jezersko is the perfect place for digital detox!

On his winter travel through Slovenia Alex also hiked to the Triglav Lakes, Velika planina and Kanin. He spent also some time in Ljubljana, where he collected material for his app about the best coffee spots around the world. In terms of coffee, Ljubljana amazed him already in summer.

Stay tuned – more materials from his tour to follow soon!

Check out some of his captures of Slovenia on his Instagram profile and also follow Feel Slovenia official Instagram profile – inspiration guaranteed!

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