World Book and Copyright Day 2023

Published: 21.4.2023

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World Book and Copyright Day 2023

Slovenia will be a Guest of Honour at the famous 2023 Frankfurt Book Fair under the slogan A honeycomb of words. Let's celebrate World Book and Copyright Day by taking a peek into the stories on our website, which are connected with literature.

World Book and Copyright Day 2023

UNESCO's theme for 2023 World Book and Copyright Day are Indigenous Languages. The idea behind is to uphold and promote linguistic diversity and multilingualism. This is a great theme to connect with the Slovenian language. Did you, for example, know that the Slovenian language is one of the very few languages that still uses dual? In fact, sources claim that Slovenian is one of only three contemporary Slavic languages that productively uses the dual (the other two are Upper and Lower Sorbian). And when it comes to literature: did you know that in Slovenia 6000 books are published annually and that as many as 23 million books are borrowed in libraries? Pretty impressive for a nation of only two million, right? 

In terms of literature, 2023 will be a milestone for Slovenia: at the world's renowned Frankfurt Book Fair 2023, Slovenia will be the Guest of Honour and Slovenia's literary and cultural pulse will be presented to lovers of the written word under the slogan A honeycomb of words.

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Slovenia might be small in size, but it a treasure trove of literary and other cultural gems

The video, in which Noah Charney, a professor of art history and a writer, explains why he chose Slovenia for his forever home and why he devoted his time to exploring the wonders of Slovenian culture, nicely sums up the inspiring story about Slovenia's rich cultural and literature heritage. 



Another source of inspiration is definitely Feel Slovenia the Podcast, which is also hosted by Dr Noah Charney. An episode, which was published in February, is dedicated to foreign writers who were inspired by Slovenia, among them Ernest Hemingway, Peter Hadke, Paolo Coelhlo and even Giacomo Casanova. 




Find below some experiences connected with literature and celebrate World Book and Copyright Day by getting to know the stories of Slovenian literature



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