Slovenia launches “Geography of Adventure” - a new multi-channel content campaign with an influential global media outlet

Published: 3.8.2022

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Slovenia launches “Geography of Adventure” - a new multi-channel content campaign with an influential global media outlet

This campaign aims to present Slovenia as an exceptional destination for outdoor experiences.

Slovenia launches “Geography of Adventure” - a new multi-channel content campaign with an influential global media outlet

In a new multi-channel content campaign, Slovenia presents itself through exceptional stories, photos and videos as a top destination for outdoor experiences 365 days a year.

To raise visibility of Slovenia as a green, active, and healthy destination for 5-star experiences, Slovenia is launching a new multi-channel content campaign based on storytelling through top-quality videos and photos. The campaign features the landscapes and geography that inspire the unique adventures that can be experienced in Slovenia. This rich content will be published across National Geographic media platforms.

Slovenia is Europe’s green playground, a destination with exceptional natural features and diverse landscapes that enable active experiences 365 days a year. The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) has commissioned National Geographic CreativeWorks to produce content to spotlight Slovenia’s exceptional natural features and diverse landscapes as the ideal destination for all-year-round active experiences.

Kayaking down the Savinja River. Photo: Corey Rich, National Geographic photographer

Two similar, very successful campaigns about Slovenia were previously launched: in 2019, we introduced Slovenia through four elements―water, air, earth and fire―and in 2019 and 2020, Slovenia was presented as a land of healthy, nourishing waters. To support the Slovenian Tourism Board’s 2022-28 strategy , the new multi-channel content campaign will focus on activities in nature.

Why National Geographic? National Geographic is globally renowned for powerful and illuminating storytelling that reaches the same nature and adventure loving audience that STB also aims to reach through this campaign. A National Geographic CreativeWorks team that included photographers and videographers visited Slovenia to experience firsthand the incredible geography that inspires—and sustains—adventure. Their stories, images, and videos showcase Slovenia as a dynamic destination where four major European geographic regions meet to create the unique natural features and diverse landscapes that offer visitors four seasons of countless opportunities for year-round active, outdoor experiences.

Upon launching the new multi-channel campaign, director of the Slovenian Tourist Board MSc. Maja Pak emphasized that the new campaign "addresses more demanding guests who search for unique active experiences in pristine nature. In co-creating stunning visuals, inspiring video, and stories that present Slovenia as an exceptional destination for active experiences in nature and highlight the care of Slovenians for the natural environment, we approached National Geographic CreativeWorks to help create content about Slovenia that will be shown and promoted on the channels of National Geographic, a globally recognized media outlet with the greatest digital reach. The global audience will enjoy, among other things, footage of cycling in Koroška, rowing along the beautiful Savinja River, climbing at Osp and Črni Kal, skiing at Vogel, and hiking at Mangart. These activities show that Slovenia is a land of unique outdoor experiences, 365 days a year. This partnership strengthens the visibility of Slovenia as a destination of unique natural beauty that beckons with the promise of active recreation. Active outdoor experiences and sport tourism are among the main 2022-23 communications topics of Slovenian tourism, and the 2022-28 Slovenian Tourism Strategy also pays particular attention to them."


Inspiring stories and a stunning video

The cover story, Slovenia’s Geography of Adventure, is accompanied by superb visuals by renowned American adventurer/photographer Corey Rich, who visited Slovenia in February and June and shot a two-and-a-half-minute video, along with accompanying photographs. The stunning footage was taken on location, and includes…

  • water sports on the Savinja River,
  • cycling in Koroška,
  • hiking at Mangart,
  • climbing on the Karst edge and
  • skiing at Vogel.


The video and stories take the audience to less known tourist destinations accompanied by some of Slovenia’s best known professional and amateur athletes: these are the individuals who experience Slovenia’s nature daily and discover new ways to experience the outdoors.

Climbing the Karst edge. Photo: Corey Rich, National Geographic photographer

Supporting article Life in Nature highlights the close connection between Slovenians and their landscapes of adventure, including protecting and preserving forests and life, work, and experiences therein. In addition, the article showcases natural parks, the preservation of healthy forests and reforestation, the wilderness of the Kočevje forests, “forest selfness” in the Cerkno forests, wandering among the treetops on an elevated walkway in Rogla, and so much more. The third element of the content is a photo gallery that showcases the unique features of the Slovenian landscape, the country’s dynamic geography, and the local people through the lens of photographer Corey Rich.

I’ve always said that a camera is a backstage pass to the best locations in life, and with this latest assignment documenting adventure in Slovenia, that mantra has proven true yet again. From the limestone mountains to the karst cliffs adjacent to the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia is a crucible of adventure across its incredible landscapes. But, of course, it’s the wonderful people who embrace a love of the outdoors and their own backyard playground that really made my time here unforgettable. - Corey Rich, National Geographic photographer

On the slopes of Vogel Ski Resort. Photo: Corey Rich, National Geographic photographer

Media activation in two phases

Slovenia’s Geography of Adventure campaign will be carried out in two phases over 13 months. The first phase took place in November and December 2021, and television advertising began on the National Geographic Channel with the Slovenia Highlights advert in Slovenia, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, and Italy. An image of a stand-up paddleboarder on Lake Bohinj was posted on the @natgeo Instagram profile, which has more than 230 million followers, and advertising banners invited readers to once again read the existing story about Slovenia.

The second phase started in July 2022, and the campaign continues with the media activation of a new video and stories on the new Slovenia’s Geography of Adventure landing page available in English, French, Italian, German, and Dutch. An IG story with images and text about Slovenia will be published on the @natgeotravel Instagram profile, which has more than 45 million followers, and web banners and Facebook adverts will also link to the resulting content. In addition to Slovenia, key markets for the campaign are Germany, Austria, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The campaign will run until November 2022.

*The photographs are for exclusive use on the media platforms and channels of National Geographic and the STB.

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