Commitment to sustainability in Laško is reflected in the platinum Slovenia Green Destination label

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Commitment to sustainability in Laško is reflected in the platinum Slovenia Green Destination label

Laško has recently received the platinum Slovenia Green Destination label, the highest award in the field of sustainable tourism within the Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism. In addition, Sabina Seme from Laško was the first winner of the special award for the best green coordinator. The Municipality of Laško held a press conference about a new Slovenia Green Wellness Route.

Commitment to sustainability in Laško is reflected in the platinum Slovenia Green Destination label

With the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (GSST), the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB), in cooperation with various stakeholders, has been taking care of the sustainable management of destinations and the development of a tourist offer that is friendly to the natural and social environment since 2015. Laško has been included in the Scheme from the very beginning and gained the first green label back in March 2016. After the reassessment that takes place every three years, it received the highest possible rating in 2022, the platinum Slovenia Green Destination label.

"In the assessment, Laško achieved as much as 86% compliance with the Slovenia Green standards, and the best assessment, i.e. 10, in the Nature and Landscape category. In this way, Laško showcases the greatest competitive advantages of Slovenian tourism: unique pristine nature, tradition as well as local authenticity. I am glad that they are also aware of the great importance of strengthening the knowledge and competencies of staff in tourism by investing in their education, since qualified staff pays an important role in ensuring top guest experience, which is the goal for all of us," highlighted MSc. Maja Pak, Director of the STB. "The commitment to the green story and close cooperation of key actors make an important contribution to the fact that today Laško is a recognizable, highly competitive, connected health destination that offers visitors a top offer for health and well-being. Laško is also the holder of the EDEN title for efforts in the field of accessible tourism, and with its own collective brand Taste Laško preserves and upgrades the gastronomic heritage of the area and promotes sustainable gastronomic tourism and local self-sufficiency. It thus makes an important contribution to connecting local providers and enables top gastronomic experiences."

"First of all, sincere congratulations to Laško for receiving the platinum Slovenia Green Destination label. I am proud that the development of Laško is in line with the principles of sustainable, green tourism. Thanks to destinations like Laško, Slovenia has successfully positioned itself on the global tourist map in the last few years as a sustainable, green tourist destination, for which we have already received numerous international awards and recognitions. This is a good way to continue the green story of Slovenia, which we will upgrade in the new strategic period until 2028. We will develop Slovenia's green boutique offer of higher quality and with greater added value for all, but with a lower carbon footprint," said Matjaž Han, Minister of Economic Development and Technology.

"When we look around the municipality of Laško, we see a lot of green space. This is why I believe that the future lies in sustainable tourism, and it is right that we keep developing this. The recognition we received, the Slovenia Green Platinum label, is a recognition to all of us, all stakeholders who strive for sustainable development in our municipality. We joined the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism in 2015 and it is right that we are laying the foundations for a green future. We must be aware that sustainable tourism is a combination of economic and social impacts, but we must also pay attention to environmental impacts and, of course, the needs of all people, locals and visitors. I believe that in the future sustainable development will continue to strive, as the entire economy is aware of the importance of sustainability," said Franc Zdolšek, Mayor of the Municipality of Laško.

In the last year, 51 new holders of the Slovenia Green label have joined the GSST, which currently has a total of 198 members. Slovenia Green destinations record more than 90% of all tourist arrivals in Slovenia. With the aim of highlighting the efforts of the green coordinators, this year, for the first time within the GSST, a special award was given to the best green coordinator, which was received by Sabina Seme from Laško. Thermana Park Laško Hotel is the holder of the Slovenia Green Accommodation label and will host this year's Days of Slovenian Tourism, the main B2B tourism event.

The new Slovenia Green Wellness Route

At the press conference, the new Slovenia Green Wellness Route was presented for the first time. This is a 16-day cycling exploration of Slovenian natural health resorts, which combines a sustainable way of traveling and complete relaxation. It connects the best Slovenian health resorts and destinations with the Slovenia Green certificate. The circular route was created in cooperation with the STB, the Association of Slovenian Natural Health Resorts, the Slovenia Green Consortium, participating destinations and the GoodPlace Sustainable Tourism Factory. It connects Slovenian natural health resorts, local gastronomic offer, cycling through the beautiful natural environment and sustainable hospitality. You can explore destinations with the help of a route plan or by booking a tour with a local travel agency.

"At the STB, we are thrilled to participate in designing the Slovenia Green Wellness Route, as it enables the discovery of known and lesser-known corners of Slovenia in the most sustainable way. Along with local gastronomic experiences and products that highlight a healthy lifestyle and vacation, the new route will further strengthen the visibility and position of Slovenia as a green destination for excellent gastronomic, active and healthy experiences. The pandemic has further strengthened the importance of sustainable development and approach in tourism; guests pay even more attention to active recreation in conjunction with health and wellness products. I am glad that Slovenia can provide such experiences," said MSc. Maja Pak, Director of the STB.

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