The first 9 Slovenia Unique Experiences are here!

Published: 25.1.2019

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The first 9 Slovenia Unique Experiences are here!

The first 5* experiences, which have received the Slovenia Unique Experiences label, have just been revealed by the Slovenian Tourist Board. They were chosen among 17 applicants on the basis of 40 strict criteria defined last June.

The first 9 Slovenia Unique Experiences are here!

In total, 17 experiences applied to the first pilot tender for 5* experiences released by the Slovenian Tourist Board. In December, the commission for 5-star experiences evaluated each application on the basis of 40 criteria and choose 9 providers that matched the criteria. Once selected, the providers needed to ensure that they will actively monitor the responses of visitors, continue with sustainable management and take care of the quality of experience.

Take a look at the first series of 5* experiences:

  • Garden Village Bled - A night at a tree house, in the middle of a forest, with its own gardens (Plantea, Garden Village Bled),
  • Short Natural Science Holidays in Slovenia - extended weekend in nature (Symbiosis Institute, Bloke),
  • The story of a soldier from the Isonzo Front (Kobarid Museum),
  • Ljubljana castle for you - an individual castle experience (Ljubljana Castle Public Institute)
  • Vintage gourmet tour (Lisjak Olive Oils, Koper),
  • Kayaking in the Mine (Podzemlje Pece),
  • Following the footsteps of Luka Čeč (Postojna cave),
  • An unforgettable day at the Fonda fish farm (Fonda Fish Farm)
  • Moustache Tour (Visit Ljubljana).

The Slovenian Tourist Board will support the Slovenia Unique Experiences providers with marketing activities and also help boost exposure, as these experiences fulfill the promise and the position of Slovenia as a green boutique destination for 5-star experiences.

Each of the experiences will also be presented in our upcoming newsletters.

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