Safety first – Slovenia among world’s 7 safest countries

Published: 21.11.2018

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Safety first – Slovenia among world’s 7 safest countries

According to International SOS and Control Risks, Slovenia is one of the seven safest countries to travel to.

Safety first – Slovenia among world’s 7 safest countries

International SOS and Control Risks published a risk map, which places Slovenia along with Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Luxembourg among the seven safest countries for tourists to travel to in 2019. In times, when safety is considered one of the major decisive factors when choosing holiday destination, the news has come in handy.

The map aims to classify countries according to the degree of risk that travellers might face in individual parts of the world. For the seven safest, this risk is considered to be insignificant. In the rest of Europe, with the exception of Ukraine, Russia and Kosovo, the risk is low. The same level of security applies to Canada, the United States and Australia.Medium-level risks for tourists, for example, are associated with trips to Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Brazil, while visits to Mexico, Venezuela and DR Congo are highly risky. Countries with the highest, extremely risky conditions include Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Mali and Yemen.

The interactive world map also indicates health risks for tourists. In this respect, among those with the highest risk are several African countries, including South Sudan, Côte d'Ivoire and Niger, while in other parts of the world some of those countries are, for example, Iraq, Afghanistan and Venezuela. Slovenia is a low-risk country.

Read here about the safety precautions while traveling through Slovenia.

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