Luxury in a bottle – Kocbek pumpkin seed oil

Published: 19.10.2018

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Luxury in a bottle – Kocbek pumpkin seed oil

Luxury Black Bottle, which contains the high quality pumpkin seed oil produced by the renowned Slovenian producer Kocbek, is served also at At. Mosphere Restaurant in Dubai, located in the world’s highest skyscraper.

Luxury in a bottle – Kocbek pumpkin seed oil

This week, a new luxury refill of Kocbek pumpkin seed oil was presented at JB restaurant in Ljubljana. What is special about this refill is the fact that the renowned pumpkin seed oil is served in the world’s highest restaurant, At. Mosphere in Dubai. The story does not only showcase unique Slovenian products, but also puts Slovenian design and innovation into forefront. The product is the result of joint work of the internationally renowned and award-winning Slovenian designer Gregor Žakelj and Kocbek family. It was Žakelj who recognized the potential in the rich tradition of the Kocbek oil mill and decided to create the story of the luxurious packaging of the pumpkin seed, which is now served at the world's tallest building - in the At.Mosphere restaurant in Dubai.

Luxury Black Bottle is a product, which reflects the Slovenian know-how and answers the needs of the most demanding markets. The bottle was made in Hrastnik glassworks and presents their exclusive, unique, luxurious product with an impressive design story, content and packaging. Each bottle is hand-blown, without any addition of heavy metals. Nicely placed in a box of old century oak wood, it represents the best possible glass for storing impeccable food products, in this case pumpkin oil, which need to be stored in dark places. The bottle is filled with organic pumpkin oil made from the autochthonous variety of the pumpkins that grow on an untouched soil near the Kocbek oil mill. The bottle also contains a special sign, which is actuallly Alojz Kocbek's first stamp and his initials – for the Arabian market in the golden tile of 999.9. What makes the bottle special is the fact that it contains its own pipette, which means that the oil is added to the food in drops, not poured - quality against quantity. The pipette serves also as a bottle stop and as a tool for the cooking masters to decorate plates with.

Kocbek pumpkin seed oil is also used by renowned Slovenian chefs, who have become also its ambassadors: Tomaž Kavčič, Janez Bratovož and Ana Roš.

Gourmet Over Mura

Kocbek Pumpkin Seed Oil Mill is also one of the providers in the Gourmet Over Mura project, which brings together high-profile local food and drink producers and restaurants from the easternmost region of Slovenia (Kodila Gourmet, Marof, Rajh, Firbas, Steyer, Kocbek, Bevog).

Photo provided by Kocbek Oil Mill, author: Urša Culiberg 

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