5 best photo spots in Slovenia by Iztok Medja

Published: 19.4.2018

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5 best photo spots in Slovenia by Iztok Medja

Iztok Medja is Slovenia-based photographer and the second in our feature “Behind the lens”. This is by far no coincidence. His photos are inspiring, sometimes already of a bit artistic dimensions. His work was featured in a number of renowned worldwide media, such as BBC, CNN, New York Times, NG Travel, Huffington Post, Science Daily etc. What is more, he is also one of the most frequent contributors for the media library on www.slovenia.info.

5 best photo spots in Slovenia by Iztok Medja

Medja says that his work reflects “chasing good light in great moments and great places”. In order to achieve this, he mixes various components of photography, such as natural light, artificial light, long exposure, low-light and more.

His selection is a bit more widely oriented and includes a number of motives, proving that one place can serve as an inspiration for various photos. His selection reflects the diversity of this tinny country, which is one of the main assets in the market.


Jezersko is a place where nature reigns. A picturesque valley surrounded by the high peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps is located in the north of the country and inspires visitors with stunning views. Along the way, you may come across the Jezersko-Solčava sheep, which are known for their black spots around the eyes.


Ljubljana is a green city, friendly for its residents and visitors alike -and obviously also for photographers. The lively capital, which has become one of the trendiest in Europe, is another in the row of Medja’s favourite photo locations in Slovenia, as it allows to capture a number of various motives. The magnificent cityscape, guarded by the prominent Ljubljana Castle, was shaped by the widely-celebrated architect Jože Plečnik. Whether you are a lover of culture and art or seek culinary delights, Ljubljana has something to offer that will not fail to impress.

Sečovlje Saltpans

Sečovlje saltpans, one of Slovenia’s landscape park, are one of the most inspiring photo locations for many. Tranquility which can be felt there is inspiring, as well as the nature itself. Additional asset of the area is also rich bird life. Combined with centuries long tradition of salt-making, this is a unique landscape, where culture and nature go hand in hand.

Velika planina

The stunning landscape of Velika planina mountain plateau really takes your breath away. Unique herders settlement, where herders still bring their cattle to graze there in the summer months, is also a popular hiking spot. Located in the Kamnik Savinja Alps, it also offer amazing views of the surrounding area and the Ljubljana basin.

Eastern Slovenia

The dreamy landscape of the Eastern part of Slovenia hides many appealing photo locations. From romantic rolling hills with vineyards to charming villages and towns, such as Kostanjevica na Krki, moments captured in the photos are as diverse as the landscape itself. The area is perfect for active outdoor holiday enthusiasts as well as foodies and wine lovers.

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