Visit for a day, remember for a lifetime

Published: 23.2.2018

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Visit for a day, remember for a lifetime

See more, spend less: Slovenian Tourism Board initiative offers unique discounts at key tourist attractions for visitors travelling by car.

Visit for a day, remember for a lifetime

Many visit Slovenia for the first time when passing through by car and according to statistics, 22.1 million entries into the country are made by European and overseas visitors. When travelling on Slovenian road visitors are required to purchase a vignette. As part of continuing to improve the country’s tourism offering the Slovenian Tourist Board announces a new vignette benefits. 

New for 2018 the vignette for Slovenian highways will give visitors a number of discounts for top attractions and locations including Maribor, Predjama Castle and Postojna Cave. Simply present the proof of purchase for a weekly or monthly vignette to save money on some of Slovenia’s most iconic sights. 


The campaign targets all European tourists heading towards the Adriatic Sea and the Balkans with cars, caravans and motorcycles, giving them a unique opportunity to save money when visiting world renowned attractions and make a stop in Slovenia worthwhile.

If you drive through Slovenia, similarly to many other European countries, you need to buy and place vignette ticket on your windscreen before entering the country. But Slovenia have turned this requirement into a unique tourism opportunity by giving visitors by road additional discounts to top tourist attractions.. 

To announce the new campaign landing pages in German, Italian, Hungarian, Czech and Polish have been created along with a digital campaign on social media and the largest travel portal TripAdvisor in May. Over 13.5 million ad impressions are expected on TripAdvisor and over 6.5 million emails will be sent to their newsfeed subscribers. In addition, nearly 350,000 ad clicks are foreseen on Facebook and Instagram. The leaflets will also be distributed at the main vignette’s selling points.


PTUJ, Slovenia's oldest city, and UNESCO listed Kurentovanje

Slovenia’s oldest city has roots stretching back to the Stone Age, and is overlooked by the mighty 12th century Ptuj Castle. The city is best known for hosting Slovenia’s largest carnival festival – Kurentovanje. The purchase of the vignette will provide you with free entrance to Ptuj-Ormož regional museum, Ptuj Wine Cellar and the Dominican Monastery.  


Historic Maribor is Slovenia’s second largest city and a former European Capital of Culture. Located in one of the country’s best wine growing regions, it is also home to the world’s oldest grapevine. The vine still produces red Žametovka grapes and marks the centre point for November’s St Martin’s Day.

The purchase of the vignette will grant you a number of discounts at Maribor Regional Museum and the Old Wine House, along with a chance to visit the Pohorje Hills. 


Predjama Castle perched in the middle of a 123 metre high cliff for over 800 years, is the Guinness World Record Holder for the largest cave castle in the world. Nearby find Postojna Cave, the most visited Karst Cave in the world, which this year celebrates its 200th anniversary. By purchasing the vignette, you will get up to 4 free entrance tickets to Expo Postojna Cave Karst. 


Set amongst beautiful natural surroundings, the picturesque Lipica Stud Farm is home to more than 350 Lipizzan horses. Founded by the Habsburg Archduke Charles II in 1580, Lipica has become one of the most prominent attractions in Slovenia. Lipizzan horses are famed for their eagerness to learn, particularly in the art of Dressage. By purchasing the vignette, famillies will be granted free access to the protected park Lipica.

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