New features and investments in Slovenian natural health resorts

Published: 6.6.2017

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New features and investments in Slovenian natural health resorts

Slovenia’s natural spas and health resorts had a very successful year in 2016, so this is being followed by a period of investment and improvement in the quality of what they offer. After successful Easter and May Day holidays, they are enthusiastically entering the high tourist season.

New features and investments in Slovenian natural health resorts

The Sava Hotels & Resorts group is focusing this year on strategic projects to which they will allocate EUR 14 million. So far in 2017 this has involved renovation of the Hotel Golf in Bled. The furnishings in the rooms reflect cultural and ethnological features of the Slovenian countryside. In the themed interiors guests can experience the Alpine tradition of beekeeping, embroidery and decorated honey pastries and products. Another portion of its investment has gone into refurbishing the indoor thermal pool at Terme 3000 in Moravske Toplice. The entire pool area will be surrounded by wood and gravel, which will create a feeling of nature and warmth in the space.

At Terme Olimia, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016, funds were invested this year in expanding the Termalija wellness centre and in its complete renovation. Through extensions and the installation of special features they wish to attract more families and young people. The other major investment is the planned renovation and modernisation of the Lipa restaurant in the Vas Lipa apartment village. The restaurant acquired a new pub bar with a large summer terrace and a cafe and confectioner’s.

The Terme Krka company is staying true to its tradition of health tourism, which it is enhancing each year with its additional range of green tourism and high-quality catering and tourist services. At the Šmarješke Toplice spa they have concluded the renovation of the outside pool, and on the coast at Talaso Strunjan they have rearranged the beach area, making it even more attractive for swimming in the sea. This year will also see a major overhaul of the healthcare section and medical centre at Dolenjske Toplice spa.

At Rogaška Medical Centre there are plans for additional expansion of the healthcare services. Investments include construction of premises and purchase of equipment for diagnostic examinations using magnetic resonance, investments in the area of gastroenterology, expanding the rejuvenation programmes with a new laser, a new clinic and more.

Summer and autumn in all the Slovenian natural health resorts and spas will be colourful and full of inspirations on how to strengthen wellbeing. The healthy waters of Slovenia, which well up from a thousand and more metres below the ground, are a major natural treasure with proven effects on body and soul. To your health!

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