The biggest chocolate event in Slovenia

Published: 21.2.2011

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The biggest chocolate event in Slovenia

The 4th Festival of Chocolate in Radovljica will take place between 17 and 19 April. This popular event brings together sellers and producers of chocolate and displays the history of methods of producing sweet pieces of art.

The biggest chocolate event in Slovenia

You are welcome to visit the “honestly sweet” Radovljica, where the 4th Festival of Chocolate will take place between 17 and 19 April. Enticing chocolate goodies will then be displayed in Linhart Square and at the Radovljica Mansion. This popular event in Radovljica brings together sellers and producers of chocolate and displays the rich history of methods of producing these sweet pieces of art.

The biggest chocolate event in Slovenia, the Festival of Chocolate, now in its fourth year, attracts numerous chocolate masters and visitors to Radovljica. The town took its motto “honestly sweet” from the rich chocolate making tradition, which started in nearby Lesce in 1922, when a Slovenian from Trieste Adolf Zavrtanik established a family chocolate production company, which was the precursor to Gorenjka, the Lesce-based chocolate factory. Try their signature whole nut chocolate, which features a girl in the traditional costume of the Gorenjska region on the packaging.

The festival is entirely dedicated to chocolate, and both Slovenian and foreign producers and chocolate shops are presented. Watch the culinary duels and demonstrations of the use of chocolate in the kitchen in Linhart Square, and have a bite of the biggest whole nut chocolate bar, made especially for the festival. You can try all the products and chocolate creations displayed at the festival in exchange for coupons.

The old core of Radovljica is a genuine outdoor museum. The buildings that can be seen from Linhart Square date to the 17th and 18th centuries, with mighty mansions rising among them. The buildings house the permanent exhibitions of the Beekeeping Museum, which displays the heritage and the centuries-long tradition of beekeeping in Slovenia, or the Municipal Museum, where you can see an exhibition on the life and work of the great Slovenian playwright and historian Anton Tomaž Linhart. In the heart of Radovljica, take a visit to the museum and the traditional Lectar family house, where trademark gingerbread hearts are still produced in an in-house bakery. Gingerbread making refers to the production of decorated biscuits made of sweet honey dough. The biscuits are usually heart-shaped, and coloured bright red as a symbol of love. A yellow ribbon symbolises infinity, and a green flower symbolises growth and development. Present one to your loved ones as a gift with a loving or a playful message.

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