Healing gourmet retreat a.k.a from garden to plate

Published: 28.9.2015

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Healing gourmet retreat a.k.a from garden to plate

Get to know local environment and enjoy excellent traditional Slovenian cuisine and fresh local ingredients which represent an important part of the health programmes.

Healing gourmet retreat a.k.a from garden to plate

In addition to wellness and health programmes, Slovenian natural spas are developing offers of accompanying experiences that additionally enrich your retreat. Get to know local environment and enjoy excellent traditional Slovenian cuisine and fresh local ingredients which represent an important part of the health programmes. Food offered by Slovenian natural spas is grown just a few steps from the actual health resort. Bon Appetit!

A perfect retreat in a Slovenian natural spa is a combination of relaxing treatments and delicious local cuisine. In some health resorts, a healthy diet is part of the therapy, while for others is an indispensable part of the pampering. Slovenian natural spas are aware of the importance of a healthy diet, originating from the local environment, so resorts present their guests with local food and get involved with cooking workshops.

The Kozjansko region is the home of juicy autochthonous apples. This fruit is used as a symbol which indicates dishes in Terme Olimia that are prepared in a way that maintains the best ratio of energy value and nutrients. Every bite revives the body. The chefs encourage vitality with the help of special Olimia approach, which brings together the recent trends of health and wellness diet.

At Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice in the Prekmurje region, they are aware of the region`s culinary tradition and prepare delicious gourmet delights for exquisite tastes. The Prekmurje delicacies are accompanied by fine wines, which further improve the taste of the dish. The cuisine in Terme Lendava is not much different, and its dishes combine the influence of three nationalities – Slovenian, Hungarian, and Croatian. It`s a mixture of cultures that makes the best recipe for a perfect stew or beef goulash from the cauldron, even though chefs won`t share their recipes.

Ptuj, the oldest city in Slovenia, has long been renowned for its fine wines and divine cuisine. Pamper yourself at Terme Ptuj, a place where even ancient Romans indulged in gourmet pleasures. Treat yourself to a Roman dinner, which will take you to the past. The chefs get their ingredients from neighbouring fields, and menus are adapted according to the seasonal harvest. Feel better with food and follow the suggestions of Mojca Cepuš, the author of a special brochure Be fit!

The cuisine at Radenci Health Resort compares the traditional dishes of Prlekija to poetry. The symphony of flavours is made up of local inspiration and guidelines on a healthy lifestyle. Menus are prepared according to medical recommendations and your wishes. Chefs recommend home-made porridge, one of the Prlekija region`s specialities.

Get to know local fruit, vegetable and home-made products producers. Every Saturday, producers from the surrounding area offer their produces at Home-made marketplace in Thermana Laško. Fill your shopping basket with jars of honey, fresh or dried fruit, home-made pumpkin oil, jams, home-made juice and other home-made delicacies.

Authentic flavours of Pohorje are preserved by the Tastes of Rogla at Terme Zreče. The recipes that were passed down from generation to generation are prepared even today, but in line with the trends of modern and healthy nutrition. Enjoy flavours of the Pohorje pot. This meat stew with porridge and vegetables is one of the most typical dishes of the Pohorje region. Add mushroom soup with seasonal mushroom, smoked and dried pork or pohorska bunka (a type of dried meat) and other specialities to your menu, all prepared by chefs at Terme Zreče.

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