Slovenia is the best country for wine tourism

Published: 18.3.2016

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Slovenia is the best country for wine tourism

An American digital magazine focusing on international wine tourism, WineTourist magazine has named Slovenia the best country for wine tourism.

Slovenia is the best country for wine tourism

An American digital magazine focusing on international wine tourism, WineTourist magazine has named Slovenia the best country for wine tourism. The winemaker and wine and travel writer Chris Boiling was thrilled with the wine varieties and the wine regions in our green, active and healthy country: “The winemakers are so passionate about their wines that tastings can last a couple of hours, simply because they want you to taste everything that’s in their barrels and tanks.”

Slovenia is a European wine map in miniature. Three of the Slovenian wine-growing regions, Primorska, Posavje, and Podravje, are divided into 14 wine-growing areas. Their wines differ from each other depending on the land and the soil, the climate and the effects of the winemaker’s input. Winemaking in Slovenia has a long tradition, passed on from generation to generation. Experience the family heritage of winemaking in hospitable tourist farms, cottages or mansions in the middle of the vineyards, accompanied by wine tasting of high quality wines and delicious local cuisine. No wonder it was named the best country for wine tourism by Chris Boiling in WineTourist magazine.

The largest wine-growing region, Podravje, spreads across the north-east of Slovenia. It is known mainly for wines with distinctive fruity and floral aromas, such as Welschriesling or Laški Rizling and Blaufränkisch or Modra Frankinja. A special place in the Slovenian wine tradition is held by Žametovka, produced from the oldest vine in the world, which has grown for more than 450 years at Lent in Maribor, Slovenia`s second largest city.

The Posavje wine-growing region extends to the south-east of Slovenia. It is famous for lighter white and red wines and small vineyards. Winegrowers and winemakers used to store their tools in vineyard cottages, wooden or stone houses at the edge of a vineyard, but today you can spend the night there. A speciality of the region is Cviček, which is the only wine in the world besides the Tuscan Chianti made out of both red and white grape varieties.

The Primorska wine-growing region is in south-west Slovenia, where autochthonous varieties and fine wines grow. The indigenous red wine Teran is held in particularly high regard for its distinctive flavour and colour. Among the special wines, the Vipavska dolina (valley) is proud of its Zelen white wine. Come for a glass and tasting of Ribolla or Rebula in Brda, the land of invigorating moments and one of the most beautiful destinations, and the most romantic wedding destination, in all Slovenia.

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