Dončić's new shoe line by Jordan Brand celebrates Slovenia

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Dončić's new shoe line by Jordan Brand celebrates Slovenia

Jordan Brand meticulously crafted the Luka 2, the second edition of Luka Dončić's signature shoe. The collection also features the distinctive Slovenia-inspired colourway.

Dončić's new shoe line by Jordan Brand celebrates Slovenia

Luka Dončić's unparalleled playing style sets him apart, showcasing his impeccable control of the court. Recognizing the significance of his impact, the Jordan Brand design team meticulously crafted the second installment of his signature shoe, the Luka 2. This new line features five distinct versions, each with its own unique name. From the perspective of a Slovenian, attention is drawn to the version dubbed "Lake Bled". This particular design draws inspiration from the picturesque Lake Bled, one of the iconic destinations in Slovenia. The model pays tribute to his home country and is noteworthy for its utilization of recycled materials, showcasing Dončić's commitment to sustainability.

Alongside the distinctive Slovenia-inspired edition, the upcoming Luka 2 collection will encompass four additional variations. Among them, the 'Luk.AI' shoe holds significance as it has already graced Dončić's feet on the court towards the end of the season, featuring a design inspired by artificial intelligence. The Quai 54 model takes its name from a renowned street basketball tournament, while the Nebula design delves into the realm of cosmic aesthetics. Lastly, the Matador shoe serves as a nostalgic homage to Dončić's formative years at Real Madrid.

"I'm really excited about all of the different colorways for my second signature shoe, especially the ones that have a connection to Slovenia. Luk.AI even got his own colorway,” explained Luka Dončić, who is also a proud ambassador of Slovenian tourism.

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Photos are taken from the pressrelease on the Luka 2, on Nike's website.

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