Love Istria: the new website of four destinations in Slovenian Istria

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Love Istria: the new website of four destinations in Slovenian Istria

Portorož & Piran, Izola, Koper and Ankaran have launched a new three-step website - Discover, Experience and Plan - that presents Slovenian Istria in a unified way through its natural and cultural heritage and gastronomic treasures. It is available in four language versions.

Love Istria: the new website of four destinations in Slovenian Istria

"Special emphasis is placed on experiences, which have been developed in recent years. The website is therefore an overview of Istrian beauties, delicacies and experiences, and we continue to direct visitors to the individual websites of local tourist organisations for specific tips, as all of them have devoted a lot of resources to their online presentations, booking systems and online shops in recent years," said Luca Stančič Kodarin, co-creator of the website.

The new Love Istria website is a step further towards greater visibility, more effective marketing of tourism products and building a quality offer at the destination. This is in line with the national strategy that promotes the grouping of local tourist destinations into regional destinations, which brings more effective networking and business cooperation, and above all more effective promotion and marketing.

Last year, the integration of Istria's destinations achieved outstanding results with a digital promotional campaign in key markets in the pre- and post-season, focusing on active and local Istria experiences. "One of the most important presentations of the destination was certainly EXPO Dubai, which impressed guests with a top-notch presentation," explained Nina Jurinčič from the Municipality of Ankaran.

This year, in addition to trade fairs, workshops and other presentations in key markets, attention will be given to content-rich communication through the new website and social networks.

"This year's overarching theme will be the stories of people who have migrated to Slovenian Istria from different places and the reasons why they have come to love it so much. The digital promotional campaign will be supported by new photo and video content. We will take it to the world with digital advertising, focusing on key markets: Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary and Poland," said Dean Kocjančič, Director of the Izola Tourist Board.

Mojca Vojska, Director of the Koper Youth, Culture and Tourism Institute, also emphasised that Istria is inseparable and that guests do not know municipal borders. "A step forward towards even closer integration will be a joint tourism strategy, which we will start preparing this year," she added.

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