Slovenian Tourist Board on TikTok

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Slovenian Tourist Board on TikTok

The STB's Feel Slovenia profile on TikTok, launched in 2022, is performing brilliantly. In the second half of 2022, attractive video content showcasing tourist destinations and products from Slovenia reached more than 10.4 million views, 487,300 likes, more than 2,000 comments and 7,200 shares. The profile has more than 12,800 followers.

Slovenian Tourist Board on TikTok

TikTok continues to be the fastest growing social network among young people aged 14-35, who are also becoming increasingly important consumers in travel and tourism. The vast majority of Generation Z (14-23 year olds) are active TikTok users, and in the last year it has become one of their main sources for monitoring online content. The fastest growing age segment of TikTok users is 25-35 year olds, i.e. young adults and young families with growing spending power.

TikTok is changing the way social media users communicate. Young people are attracted to the platform because of its authenticity, as they know exactly what content to expect on TikTok. These are authentic, phone-recorded videos, with no filters and trendy music.

Videos shot in vertical format are becoming the standard not only on TikTok, but also on other platforms, e.g. YouTube and Instagram.

One of the communication goals on TikTok is to recreate contemporary trends and communicate effectively with Generation Z and young millennials. The use of TikTok represents a great opportunity for the STB to reach young people around the world and attract them to Slovenia with authentic and engaging experiences. Through the Feel Slovenia TikTok profile, STB together with DD Studios communicates the unique experience of Slovenia and reaches thousands of people around the world in an organic way.

Regarding demographics, followers come from the following countries: 57% from Slovenia, 14% from the USA, 10% from Germany, 10% from Italy and 8% from France.

With these eye-catching videos, the STB aims to introduce not only iconic landmarks, but also some of Slovenia's lesser-known destinations. Among the most popular content are unique experiences in Slovenia. Some of the most successful posts, which have also gone viral, include: 

  1. Bouncing on the Ljubljanica river: a video showing a unique event in the centre of Ljubljana, where a record was set in a trampoline high jump.  Result: 6.6 million views, 263,800 likes, 844 comments, 1,600 shares.  Top 5 countries with the most views: Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, Israel. 
  2. Underground of Peca: a video showing how to explore the underground by kayak, this experience also falls under Slovenia Unique Experiences.  Result: 2.4 million views, 125,300 likes, 415 comments, 436 shares. Top 5 countries with the most views: USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands.

  3. Kranjska Gora: a video showing the magical atmosphere of the snow-covered and festively decorated town. Result: 474.200 views, 36.800 likes, 208 comments, 3.400 shares. Top 5 countries with the most views: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia.

In 2022, the STB also started advertising on TikTok as part of the Global Digital Campaign, where content reached more than 8.6 million video views. 

Check out the STB's TikTok profile

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