Entry to Slovenia without restrictions, most of the measures lifted

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Entry to Slovenia without restrictions, most of the measures lifted

Most of the measures to limit the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in Slovenia have been lifted. From now on, entry to Slovenia is possible without any special rules. The same goes for the vaccinated-tested-recovered condition, which was also lifted in most of the activities connected with tourism.

Entry to Slovenia without restrictions, most of the measures lifted

Entry to Slovenia without restrictions

To enter Slovenia, it is no longer necessary to meet the vaccinated-tested-recovered condition. The quarantine at home has also been abolished. However, EU recommendations on the temporary restriction of non-essential travel, which apply to the arrival to Slovenia from third countries and are being implemented at the external Schengen border, are still in force. 

Abolition of the vaccinated-tested-recovered condition

The vaccinated-tested-recovered condition is no longer valid in tourism and hospitality, for cultural and sports events and in congress and fair activities, when visiting public spaces (such as museums and galleries), on ski slopes, in public transport and in most other activities.

Restrictions on public gathering have also been lifted

There are no more restrictions on gatherings and public events, but it is necessary to follow the general rules of using protective masks, disinfection and interpersonal distance.

Read more about updates and safety guidelines for carefree travel to Slovenia.

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