Marie Claire UK awards Slovenia for sustainability efforts

Published: 19.7.2021

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Marie Claire UK awards Slovenia for sustainability efforts

Marie Claire UK, one of UK's leading glossy, fashion-focused magazines that pays special attention to sustainability, has pronounced Slovenian Tourist Board with the I feel Slovenia brand the winner in the Travel & Leisure category, Best for eco-travel at Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2021.

Marie Claire UK awards Slovenia for sustainability efforts

Winners of Marie Claire UK's first ever Sustainability Awards were announced to Marie Claire UK’s audience of over 8.6m and celebrated with a virtual-awards show tonight. Slovenian Tourist Board with the I feel Slovenia brand has joined Marie Claire’s selection of eco-conscious businesses that make great impact in terms of sustainability, by winning in the Travel & Leisure category, Best for eco-travel.

Since sustainability has long since been at the heart of all activity undertaken by the Slovenian Tourist Board, it is no wonder that it caught attention of this renowned magazine and won in the Best for eco-travel category. This is yet another in a set of awards that Slovenia has recently received for its sustainability efforts. Let us recall: In 2017 Slovenia was crowned world’s most sustainable country by National Geographic’s World Legacy Award, and in the same year Ljubljana was declared Green Capital of Europe. Slovenia is also the first country in the world to have been declared a Green Destination of the World. Just last year, Slovenia was named Best in Europe by the 2020 Sustainable Destination Awards.

“With rigorous standards of sustainability across every industry – from outdoor pursuits to fine dining, Slovenia continues to forge a bold, green path into the future, and we can’t wait to see what possibilities await.” (Marie Claire)

This reputation comes as a direct result of Slovenia’s dedication to sustainable tourism. In 2015 the ‘Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism’ was launched to promote sustainable tourism within Slovenia. This is now a national certification programme celebrating the country’s best sustainable businesses and destinations, with over 150 members. Sustainability is also at the heart of Slovenian gastronomy, which explains why it was named European Region of Gastronomy 2021. Slovenian cuisine is based on ingredients found in our immediate surroundings, even those used by our top Michelin-starred chefs - six chefs were awarded a unique Michelin Sustainability Award for their ‘garden to table’ ethos. The Slovenian Green Cuisine label celebrates the chefs and restaurants putting sustainability at the forefront of the creation of their specialities. Also in the world of outdoor adventure, sustainability is a priority. In 2019, Slovenia launched ‘Bike Slovenia Green’ - the world's first long-distance, multi-stage itinerary that connects green-certified locations. Then there’s Slovenia Green Capitals route, which takes travellers through three of our most green-minded ‘capitals’, Ljubljana, Kočevje and Bela Krajina.  

On this occasion, MSc. Maja Pak, the director of Slovenian Tourist Board, said: “I was thrilled to hear that we were selected Best for eco-travel in the Travel & Leisure category at the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2021. Such awards prove that we are on the right track and that also international media sees us as a good example of sustainably oriented country. Even in the post-pandemic world, we continue to forge a bold green path. Our commitment to green and sustainable development coupled with high hygiene and safety standards is now captured in the new Green & Safe logo. This is how we guarantee not only the highest safety standards, but also unique 5-star experiences that cannot be enjoyed anywhere else. With trust and safety more important than ever to visitors and locals alike, Slovenia’s ongoing dedication to sustainability has never been more central to its brand ethos. Thank you for encouraging us on our green path.”

Sustainability has long been a core pillar of Marie Claire UK. With over 30 years of championing sustainability through the lens of people, planet and regeneration, the magazine is in the vanguard of women’s brands championing environmental issues ranging from global warming to ethical fashion. On the occasion of the Sustainability Awards ceremony, Marie Claire UK editors wrote: “We know that, now more than ever, it’s important to take those small steps, acknowledge your environmental impact, and buy with brands that make it easier to do so.”

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