The Postojna Cave Park is reopening

Published: 10.6.2021

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The Postojna Cave Park is reopening

After the longest temporary closure in Postojna Cave’s entire history, the queen of the subterranean world and most of the Postojna Cave Park attractions are reopening.

The Postojna Cave Park is reopening

As holders of the Safe Travel label approved by World Travel & Tourism Council, the Postojna Cave Park is committed to making sure the guests are provided with safe conditions, services of the highest quality and an unforgettable experience. For this purpose, a list of frequently asked questions has been composed.

1) “Can we come tomorrow?” 

With the situation getting better, the company managing the Postojna Cave Park and the boutique hotel Vila Planinka in Jezersko is striving to keep abreast of the current situation and provide guests and staff with the highest standards and protocols for a carefree visit and a safe stay in Slovenia. In line with all the best-practice recommendations,

  • boutique hotel Vila Planinka 5* in Jezersko reopened on 18 May;
  • Postojna Cave, the Vivarium, the EXPO Cave Karst exhibition, the Modrijan Homestead and Mill, and the Magdalena Food&Fun restaurant reopened on 9 June;
  • the completely refurbished Hotel Jama 4* and the Secret Rooms of Hotel Jama will reopen on 18 June;
  • Predjama Castle will reopen in late June as the path to the castle is currently being renovated. 

2) “How are the baby dragons doing?” 

So far this year, their only visitors have been the two biologists that take care of them, Primož and Katarina. The baby olms, which are about to turn 5, are perfectly healthy and have grown 1.5 cm since the start of the year. The largest of them is now 14 cm in length! 

3) “Is it necessary to meet any specific requirements to tour Postojna Cave (a negative PCR/RAT test; proof of vaccination; recovery from COVID-19)?” 

This is not required, however, some basic protective measures need to be observed, such as hand hygiene, wearing a face mask and keeping a safe distance. Rest assured that a safe distance will be ensured on Postojna Cave’s iconic cave train and during the cave tours in small groups. 

The entire Postojna Cave Park, Hotel Jama 4* and the boutique hotel Vila Planinka 5* are the holders of the SAFE TRAVELS label, which means that this is a green and safe tourist destination. 

The text and the photo provided by Postojna Cave.

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