The 61st Kurentovanje will take place online

Published: 14.1.2021

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The 61st Kurentovanje will take place online

In light of the pandemic, the 61st Kurentovanje will take place online, 2–16 February 2021.

The 61st Kurentovanje will take place online

In less than a month, the town of Ptuj should host the 61st Kurentovanje celebration. But in light of the pandemic, also this event will take place online. Although the very core of Kurentovanje, which usually spans over more weeks, is experiencing live heritage and coming together, the organisers will make sure to recreate it online, with images and sounds.

Over the past six decades, great memories were created and a number of success stories written. At the very core has always been the preservation of tradition. And this did not came unnoticed; the Kurents’ door-to-door rounds have also been entered onto the UNESCO’s List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Kurenti are mythical creatures that scare the winter away and welcome spring.

The 60th Kurentovanje last year was impressive; with over 7,000 participants from 16 countries, and over 100,000 visitors, the carnival captured the attention, and justified the praise for its qualities from Lonely Planet and The Guardian.

At times like this, the most crucial thing is to remember of all the good memories from the past years and look forward to the ones still coming. To comply with the healthy precaution measures, the 61st Kurentovanje will take place on Facebook @Kurentovanje, Instagram @Kurentovanje and the website.

Source: Ptuj Tourism

Photo: Marko Pigac

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