Get ready for an indoor I FEEL SLOVENIA cycling challenge on Rouvy

Published: 22.10.2020

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Get ready for an indoor I FEEL SLOVENIA cycling challenge on Rouvy

While Slovenian cyclist again rock at this year's Vuelta, we invite you to participate in I FEEL SLOVENIA cycling challenge, held by ROUVY, an indoor cycling app that combines real roads with augmented reality. Register and win great prizes! 

Get ready for an indoor I FEEL SLOVENIA cycling challenge on Rouvy


"Close your eyes and embark on an imaginative journey to a green country, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain. Let your mind wander through vast green forests or charming towns. Set your imagination free and descend deep into the mysterious underground world of the Karst region or climb high to the peaks of the Alps.

Take a moment to think about and plan your future holidays in Slovenia. Or simply ride one of the exciting Slovenian routes!"

These are the opening lines of the I FEEL SLOVENIA Cycling Challenge, which takes places from 20 October to 20 December on ROUVY. 418,000 registered users of the app have been invited to cycle along three currently uploaded stages of the Tour of Slovenia race: Krvavec Climb, Črnomelj – Novo mesto and around Ljubljana.

At least 5,000 cyclists are expected to participate in the challenge. In addition to great awards for the best, all the participating cyclists will receive a special virtual I FEEL SLOVENIA Explorer badge.

All who will finish the challenge will be invited to visit Slovenia for real, in 2021.



Rouvy is an indoor cycling training app, which uses what it calls “augmented roads” to create an immersive training experience. These combine GPS-based videos of real places with 3D-animated objects and rider avatars.


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