World Bee Day 2020: striving for the preservation of bees

Published: 21.5.2020

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World Bee Day 2020: striving for the preservation of bees

This year, 20 May marked the third World Bee Day under the theme "Bee Engaged". The main objective of World Bee Day is to raise awareness among the global public of the importance of bees and other pollinators for humankind and to call for concrete action to be taken for their preservation. For a number of years, bees and sustainable beekeeping tourism have been among the major subjects of the STB's (Slovenian Tourist Board) marketing and communication activities.

World Bee Day 2020: striving for the preservation of bees

This year, 20 May marked the third World Bee Day, the proclamation of which was proposed by Slovenia. The main objective of World Bee Day is to devote the day to raising awareness among the global public of the importance of bees and other pollinators for humankind and to call for concrete activities for their preservation, as they play an indispensable role from economic, social and environmental perspectives. World Bee Day is thus an opportunity for experts, politicians, economists and the general public to become actively involved in the preservation of bees, the development of beekeeping, sustainable development and the preservation of biodiversity and to plan activities that will ensure the survival of bees and people.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the third international observation of World Bee Day under the theme "Bee Engaged" was organised as a virtual event. In honour of bees, a formal session of the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association was held at its headquarters to mark World Bee Day. The international conference "Bee Engaged", organised by FAO, highlights the importance of being engaged and encourages countries, organisations, research and educational institutions, civil societies, the private sector, farmers, beekeepers and every individual to take action.

 Beekeeping tourism is one of the key products of Slovenian tourism that plays a vital role in the country's sustainable development

The STB defines the story of bees and beekeeping tourism as one of the key products of Slovenian tourism and one of the most authentic representations of Slovenia as a country of great natural beauty; beekeeping tourism also stresses the importance of sustainable development in all areas. A number of activities have been organised in support of the development, sustainability and, above all, promotion of beekeeping tourism, with bees featured as a major subject in all communication activities aimed at both Slovenian and international audiences.

The STB devotes significant attention to bees with numerous publications and features on the topic of World Bee Day and apitourism via STB communication channels consistent with its annual communication support on the portal, particularly on the subpages Celebrate World Bee Day with Us and A Rendezvous with the Api Experience (in Slovenian), in monthly newsletters for tourists and the professional public, e.g. in News from Slovenia, weekly TTA news, on social media, in advertisements and publications.

The printed publication "Follow the Bees" is available in English  and German. One of STB's promotional products advertising Slovenia as a sustainable destination is a set of four varieties of bee plants characteristic of Slovenian gardens.

The topics of bees and beekeeping tourism are advertised among Slovenian and international business and travel audiences, promoted at tourist events abroad and included in study trip programmes for foreign tour operators.

Apitourism is a unique and innovative concept of sustainable tourism that uses an appealing and sensory approach to spreading awareness of the importance of bees for humankind and presents Slovenia as a green and healthy destination, a country with hospitable people and, most importantly, a country of excellent beekeepers with a rich apiculture. It offers an authentic experience and an insight into the world of bees, beekeepers, apiary architecture and bee products. It also shows potential for job creation and economic growth.

Beekeeping and beekeeping tourism play an important role in the country's sustainable development. Slovenia committed itself to the development of sustainable tourism with its Strategy for Sustainable Growth of Slovenian Tourism 2017–2021, with the vision of positioning Slovenia as a global green boutique destination for discerning guests seeking diverse and active experiences, along with tranquility and personal benefits. Slovenia has established the national programme and certification system Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism , comprising 53 destinations with the Slovenia Green Destination designation, 46 accommodation providers with the Slovenia Green Accommodation designation, four parks with the Slovenia Green Park designation, two agencies with the Slovenia Green Travel Agency designation and one tourist attraction.

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