New Slovenia Unique Experience in Soča Valley

Published: 16.12.2019

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New Slovenia Unique Experience in Soča Valley

Experience the Soča Valley – from water to bread and milk is a new Slovenia Unique Experience, which offers a unique way of experiencing one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovenia.

New Slovenia Unique Experience in Soča Valley

Experience the Soča Valley – from water to bread and milk is a brand new unique product designed by Dobra Vila Bovec Hotel, a boutique hotel in Soča Valley, where each room narrates its very own story. The same as the hotel itself, also the product itself is unique and authentic.

The experience includes the tasting of 5 samples of water from the less-known rivers that flow through the Soča Valley. You will have a chance to hike along the 5-km long Soča path, which hides great views over the emerald green river and takes you to the places, which have so far been accessible only by kayak.

In addition to water tasting in natural surrounding, you will also have a chance to participate in sour-dough bread-baking, where you will use the herbs picked on this 5-km route, visit the local cheese diary and experience adrenaline-rushed white-water rafting along the river rapids of Soča River. An icing on the cake will be great dishes prepared by a chef, who also cooked at a Michelin-starred restaurant before joining the team of Dobra vila Bovec - combined with great wines from the hotel wine cellar, of course, this experience will stay in your heart forever.


The product is unique since it combines great authentic experiences in the local surroundings, superb local gastronomy and boutique accommodation. Further information about the product is available here

This is a 4-day experience suitable for 2 - 6 persons. 

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