Diversity & Green Gastronomy - Meet Seven Slovenian Producers

Date: 04. 06. 2020 at 14:00 Category: Destinations Lecturers: Bojan Firbas, Uroš Valcl, Janez Kodila, Janez Žlebič, Tanja Pinterič, Danilo Steyer, Gorazd Kocbeck

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Diversity & Green Gastronomy - Meet Seven Slovenian Producers

You’re invited to join Gourmet over Mura - a unique collective of high end culinary producers in Slovenia’s Pomurje region - to discover what makes Slovenia such a diverse culinary destination.

Stories about knowledge, family, patience, tradition and quality will take you along the road to the:

▪️Firbas Domačija - Holiday Farm - Urlaub am Bauernhof (Bojan Firbas) 
▪️MAROF winery (Uroš Valcl)
▪️Šunkarna in Gourmet Kodila (Janez Kodila)
▪️Bevog Brewery (Janez Žlebič)
▪️Gostilna Rajh (Tanja Pintarič)
▪️Steyer vina (Danilo Steyer)
▪️and KOCBEK Since 1929 (Gorazd Kocbek).

You’ll be joined by Pomurje-based wine makers, pumpkin seed oil millers, pear liqueur specialists and a Slovenian ham house to discover why these businesses joined forces to promote Pomurje’s unique gastronomic philosophy. 

The Q&A experience:

〰️ Enjoy insights into Slovenian wine making, traditional pumpkin seed oil production and more, as well as how Slovenian and Hungarian influences combine in the Pomurje region. 

〰️ Find out why these local businesses have teamed up and the importance of collaborating to create a stronger product within the tourism sector in a post-COVID landscape.

〰️ Uncover an unknown corner of the unique gastronomic landscape that has led to Slovenia having been named European Region of Gastronomy 2021.

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