It´s Slovenia Culture Time, the Year of Cultural Tourism

Published: 28.11.2017

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It´s Slovenia Culture Time, the Year of Cultural Tourism

The Slovenian Tourist Board is looking forward to the Year of Cultural Tourism 2018, aligned with the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The aim is to attract more and more tourists with a zest for culture to plan their trip to Slovenia. Check the Cultural Experiences of Slovenia in our new publication.

It´s Slovenia Culture Time, the Year of Cultural Tourism

A well-preserved cultural heritage, iconic places, some of the oldest archaeological findings in the world, and the architectural masterpieces of Plečnik and his successors, are some of the reasons to plan a cultural holiday in Slovenia.

The iconic places of Slovenian culture are known for their rich history and tradition. Among them is the renowned Lipica Stud Farm, the oldest place in the world known for continuous breeding of the aristocratic Lipizzaner horses. Since its foundation in 1580, Lipizzaner horses have been the pride of Slovenia, famous for their white coats, elegance and incredible learning capacity.

Other icons of Slovenian culture include:

  • Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, rebuilt by the famous architect Jože Plečnik as a people-centred city according to the ideals of antiquity;
  • Bled, offering a picture perfect view of a mesmerising Alpine lake and a Gothic church on a fairytale island in the middle;
  • Piran, a charming Mediterranean town with Venetian architecture behind its walls and a 700-year-old salt making tradition;
  • Celje, the City of Counts, the most famous noble dynasty in Slovenian history, who erected the biggest medieval castle in the country;
  • Maribor, the second-largest Slovenian city with the oldest vine in the world;
  • Ptuj, a unique town with wine cellars bellow the ancient streets and the UNESCO-listed carnival character of Kurent.

The crossroads of the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Karst region and the Pannonian Plains has inspired innovations for thousands of years. In Slovenia, they found the oldest musical instrument in the world – the Neanderthal flute – exhibited at the National Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana. Another of the oldest manmade items in the world is the wooden wheel with axle found in the Ljubljana Barje marshes, soon to be on display at the City Museum of Ljubljana.

Slovenia offers incredible diversity, with four seasons of ever-changing nature, while throughout the year there is the 5th season, offering a wide variety of cultural experiences and events. Feel Slovenia during the time of Merry December, awakening spring, summer festivals and autumn culinary festivities.

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